In sync with heartbreak

Aug 18, 2015, 07:45 IST | Suprita Mitter

After many Bollywood hits and popular World music gigs, versatile singer Hamsika Iyer on the launch of her first single, Bheege Bheege, on July 28

Q. How did your single, Bheege Bheege, come about?
A. The album scene in India is not great right now. These days, it is easier to create a single and put it up online for people to buy. The time for cassettes and CDs has passed. The internet is a great medium and reaches an international audience. I have done a lot of songs with Kaushal Inamdar in the past. Kaushal also writes in Hindi. I loved Bheege Bheege the first time he taught it to me, a few years ago. But it didn’t materialise at the time. I always believe that there’s a right time and right place for everything. We wanted to do a heartbreak trilogy. In Bheege Bheege, the mood of the song is that a couple has recently broken up but the girl is hoping for the boy to come back. The truth is that more than love, everyone experiences heartbreak and in such times, music is one’s best friend. I feel, everyone will identify with this. I have worked with artistes like Amir John Haddad from Spain on Bheege Bheege. When I heard the song, I had visualised Amir playing the guitar, so we decided to work with him.

Hamsika Iyer

Q. You created a music video for Bheege Bheege. Tell us about it.
A. The idea was to keep the video simple. It’s about an urban city girl, so, we chose to go with shooting in a simple flat instead of a fancy farmhouse. The focus was to showcase her emotions. I chose to play a character in the story instead of presenting it like a singer who is performing. Everyone in the team who heard the song, unanimously felt that it should be treated in black and white. We have used rain and slow motion shots as it lends to the mood of the song.

Q. What’s next?
A. There are two more songs coming up. Then we will release it as a trio. The next two songs will also have the same theme that is heartbreak, but the moods will be different. The second song will be intense. It will be produced by international producer, Juno Reactor and will feature Veena maestro Narayan Mani and Sarod player Sarang Kulkarni. The video for this song will be shot in colour, the mood however will be quite dark. The song will belong to the World music genre, with an Indian touch. The third song will reflect a new avatar of the girl which she discovers through her pain.

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