In the mood for vinyl evenings?

Oct 15, 2014, 07:01 IST | The Guide Team

If you’re a vinyl addict and have grooved to the magic that the record unleashes, head to Gostana to boast about your collection, and also listen to other’s playlists

What do you do if you have been collecting those stack of vinyls but nowhere to spin them? The founder of Gostana, Arpana Gvalani, had such a friend. She recalls how the idea took form, “My cousin had gifted me a vinyl player with a boom box which was delivered at Gostana. My friend Suvajeet DattaGupta suggested the idea as he has many records, and nowhere to play.”

The music-inspired interiors of Gostana. Pic Courtesy/Joy Manavath

She adds how the idea started from people who don’t have a player at home, coming to Gostana and playing their records here. “It graduated to an event where people even with a player at home wanted to share their love for music,” she adds. Thus, Bring your own vinyl (BYOV) was born.

While an average of 25-30 people are expected this Thursday, Gvalani assures that music and food are inseparable at this burger joint. “As much as people come here for food, there’s a lot about music happening any given day. Like Suvajeet came up with this idea, BYOV (Bring Your Own Vinyl), which is now his baby, we also have Tuesday Jam Nights curated by another friend from the band Cusp, Saumitra Mathur. Soon we’re looking to start a Wednesday theme where another Gostana regular Vishvak Prakkruth will play themed music nights,” she shares.

Go old school, as the turntable will churn wonderful tracks from Rock to Jazz to Blues and R&B while you munch on healthy fast food at this popular Bandra eatery.

On: October 16, 8 pm onwards
At: Gostana, ground floor, Prabhat Kunj, 24th Road, Bandra (W).
Call: 64533359

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