Incredibles 2 Movie Review - Crackling all-out entertainer

Updated: Jul 31, 2018, 14:16 IST | Johnson Thomas

Go ahead "get detoxed by yet another tech-marvel" and it's in 3D too.

Incredibles 2 Movie Review - Crackling all-out entertainer
Incredibles 2

Incredibles 2
U/A: Animation, Action, Adventure
Director: Brad Bird
Cast (Voices): Holly Hunter, Craig T Nelson, Sarah Vowell, Huck Milner, Bob Odenkirk

The beauty of 'Incredibles 2' is that, not for a minute, does it feel like an animation movie. Brad Bird's 2004 animated classic gets a sequel after a long arduous wait and it's definitely amongst the most entertaining, adventurous and incredibly funny Pixar productions we've seen yet.

Time lies suspended in the world of the Incredibles. 14 years of real-time slip away into nothing because in this sequel we see the super-hero Parr family trying hard to contain the devastating attack by the Underminer, picking up from where the first outing left off. But the destruction left behind is so vast and huge that officials have begun to think that it's better to allow the raids of evil forces than to let the Parr family handle the counter-attack and rescue. So Superhero activity gets criminalised while criminals get a free run. Sign of the times some might say…

Winston Deavor (Bob Odenkirk), though, has a plan to make superheroes great again. Working with his sister Evelyn (Catherine Keener), they develop a plan using body cam and targeted changes in suit and perception to open up public discernment in their favor. Elastigirl (Holly Hunter) is their pick to represent the best qualities of a public-friendly superhero- for her brand of life-saving is less destructive and more cost-effective than that of her husband Bob/Mr Incredible's(Craig T Nelson). A bit of playful jest keeps the male super-ego down-sized during the role reversal, so-to-speak - while Elastigirl replete with swanky new suit and fancy pair of wheels, does her bit of bread-winning to keep her kids and family up-to-standard. But the enemy within is more inventive than the one she is scheduled to outfox.

Bird and his team keep all their ideas current and easily identifiable. He sets out to shatter the status-quo and wreaks havoc on narrow societal definitions. Anyone, irrespective of gender or size, is capable of greatness(positive or negative) here. New heroes like Void, Screech and Reflux take shape while an aptly named villain 'Screenslaver,' who hypnotises everyone and turns them into slaves, is the one to watch out for. No prizes for guessing what Bird is alluding to here. Bird's denunciation of technology is depicted with graphical fluency and cinematic pizazz.

The character design and art direction are brilliant- Every sequence flows with a momentum and efficiency that seems organic, rather than designated. The voice cast is note and inflection perfect. Action, comedy and familial hijinks are integrated with seamless proficiency revved up by a fancy, whimsical score by Michael Giacchino. So go ahead – get detoxed by yet another tech-marvel…and it's in 3D too!

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