"India needs more super clubs"

Oct 21, 2013, 01:29 IST | Ruchika Kher

3-Question: Aaryan Gala, DJ/Music Producer

1. Tell us about Animated Love.
Animated love is my first single created in collaboration with Indie band The Atom’s Theory. It is a Progressive House Instrumental track and I was inspired by people in love for this track. After all, love is all you need.

Aaryan Gala
Aaryan Gala, DJ/Music Producer

2. In an industry, where a new musician / DJ tries to make his / her mark every single day, how difficult is it to create your niche and make people recognise you and your music?
Looking at the current scenario, a musician not only has to be good in making records or compositions but also be aware of the day-to-day updates about technology, social networks, and what people want, etc. It is quite difficult to create a place for yourself in this industry if you do not keep yourself updated. Branding yourself is a must and to maintain the same is tough.

3. You have played in international night clubs as well. What is the major difference between playing in India and playing abroad? What do you like more?
To be honest, I quite enjoyed playing in London, in the super clubs in Mayfair. I can never forget the experience of playing at Ministry of Sound. Now that I have come back for good and want to spread Electronic Dance music as much as I can, I can’t complain about the audience. The only thing this country needs is more of super clubs, a huge space that can accommodate about 2,000-3,000 people at least.

Who is Aaryan Gala?
DJ and music producer Aaryan Gala, who is the first young Indian to get selected to play at the Ministry of Sound is set to launch his new single Animated Love very soon. The track will be released worldwide and would be available at 74 different online stores, including iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Amazon MP3 and Beatport.

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