India's first comic 'un-series' series

Jan 01, 2014, 10:27 IST | Kanika Sharma

Manta Ray Comics is set to give an exciting start to 2014 with their most anticipated project till date, Twelve

After creating a ripple with innovative content complemented with iconoclastic imagery, Manta Ray Comics headed by Pratheek Thomas is all set to release their new series of comics, Twelve. A 12-part series, 2014 will see the first set being released. Cited as one of their most ambitious projects, Thomas calls it an “un-series” for not following any sequential pattern. Each series is designed to be a complete read, yet the count of 12 comics that will be published each month comprise a larger picture.

Twelve, Manta Ray Comics
The cover for Twelve 

The first series that is expected to release in January of the New Year is titled, How it Ends. Written by Thomas, the illustrations promise to be unique for the use of almost Cubist angles by Aindri Chakraborty. Of Nilanjana Roy’s Wildings fame, Prabha Mallya, the art director of the graphic novels’ outfit has designed the cover, lettering and book design of the series. The most exciting aspect of the series is the narrative structure that lays emphasis on the crux of choice made by the character.

 Twelve, Manta Ray Comics
An inside page of Twelve with art by Prabha Mallya

From love stories to a tale of two roommates, Manta Ray Comics is all set to bring in their “most ambitious project till date,” in Thomas’ words. The first comic promises to be hard-hitting and thought-provoking as it brings the reader to confront what nationalism and its alleged characteristics — valour, courage and humanity mean in the context of a country that battles the question of Naxalism. As Thomas will be writing the entire 12-part series, the project is a must-pick for the Indian comic book lover.

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