Indian art comes home

Feb 21, 2014, 07:38 IST | Soma Das

The shopping portal Indian Colours brings bright art to your home with their collection of home décor, accessories and daily utility objects with images adapted from original art prints

While Mumbai boasts of numerous art aficionados, few actually have access to original artworks. While some are daunted by the price tags, others are limited by lack of space to display these works. The six-month-old portal, Indian Colours, is the brainchild of art curator Jasmine Shah Varma, and is hoping to bring cheer to such folks.

Mobile covers

Varma had started the site to showcase her curated artworks. She tells us more, “The intention was to make fine art accessible to the common man, who can’t find time to attend an exhibition. I felt it would take art into their homes in the form of objects of everyday utility. Thus, more people can aspire to become connoisseurs instead of a self-selected few.”
How it works?

A side table and cushion cover

Indian Colours licenses images from contemporary artists and adapts the images onto various surfaces. Coffee mugs, coasters, handbags, cushion covers, tablemats, furniture, phone cases, iPad sleeves, mousepads and sling bags are for the taking. It’s a win-win situation as artists receive a royalty while the customer can enjoy art at home for a fraction of the cost. Their motto: Don’t hang it. Use it! reflects this belief. Till date, Varma has tied up with nine artists including Babu Xavier, Haren Vakil, Pradeep Mishra, Samir Mondal and Shruti Nelson. She hopes to expand this line-up soon.

While most sites and businesses sell graphic design created on a computer, Indian Colours adapts images from paintings as they are on paper and canvas by renowned contemporary artists. “We don’t work with designers. Our images are part of the narrative of modern Indian art,” Varma sums up.

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Trivets (three-legged stands), wallets for ladies, wooden boxes, side tables and trays.

At: Tribal Route, Andheri (W); Sanctum, Bandra (W); Magnolia, Worli.
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