Indian audiences like Techno music: DJ Mikkas

Feb 07, 2014, 10:00 IST | Swapnal Tilekar

DJ Mikkas aka DJuma Soundsystem is all set to get Punekaris grooving to his dance tunes as he performs in Pune this weekend

The city is set to welcome yet another international DJ this weekend (previously DJ Miss Nine, DJ Karsh and Snoopbill had performed). Norwegian DJ Mikkas aka DJuma Soundsystem will be playing here on Saturday at a sunset party. Excerpts from an interview with the DJ who has played at popular global venues and is looking forward to his stint in the city: 

DJ Mikkas aka DJuma Soundsystem

Have you been to India before? How was the experience?
I had come to India 20 years ago and loved the country from then on. Five years ago, I visited again and played at four different venues. It was a very enthralling experience for me. I like the energy of
the people.

Have you heard any Bollywood music? How do you find the music scene in India?
Yes, I have heard a bit of Bollywood music. Actually, I composed music for a film called Patang some three years back. I worked on four tracks in it. It was a fun project for a friend of mine and I enjoyed playing with Indian music and vocals. I would love to do that again.

The music scene in India is a little different from the places where I have been playing. The main factor being time, things close quite early here. At places like Copenhagen, we could go on and on as long as the audiences like. But otherwise there is no huge difference. Indian audiences like hard music like Techno Dance music and I like to play here to match their energy!

Recently you released the single Your Deep is not my Deep. Tell us about that.
The single is getting positive feedback. It’s different from my regular work as it is a Hip-Hop track. Usually while making music, I play with the idea that is influenced by a picture or poetry in motion. I like to make it dark, special and inspired by something. But this time, through this single, I have made a music video for the first time. As a DJ, I think it’s more about the live music you play, so there is very little scope to come up with a video like other artistes do. But this time, I hope the audiences like it.

You have played in front of diverse audiences worldwide. Which is your favourite place to perform? Also, what do you have in mind for the Indian audience?
I really feel happy while playing at Berlin as they play my kind of music. In fact, it is the place where I had my biggest gig four years back, which was very huge and I still remember it.

For this tour that includes cities like Gurgaon, Pune and Bengaluru, I intend to play some groovy music. Initially I had not planned anything as I believe that going by the audience’s taste at the venue is more important than any prior preparations. So, let’s hope for some good music ahead!

Tell us about your future projects.
There are quite a few projects and collaborations in the pipeline. One of them consists of African tribal music and Electronica, while in another project, I have worked with a few African musicians and I am very excited about it.

On February 8, 7 pm onwards
At Garden Court, Vivanta by Taj Blue Diamond.
Call 66025555

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