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Feb 06, 2014, 10:20 IST | Swapnal Tilekar

Three question with Indian Pop artiste Atul Ahuja

1. You are known to blend Hindi and English lyrics together. How do you go about your music?
I love to write songs, especially romantic poetry. While writing any song I try to include my experiences and emotions in it because I cannot write lyrics that I have not felt, personally. As Hindi is part of my DNA, and English is the language I grew up on, I try to blend both, keeping in mind the international audience.

2. How is the response to Hindi songs/artistes, internationally?
Hindi, and Indian music in general, is not restricted to this country any longer. I hail from Atlanta, US and I must admit, people there show keen interest in Indian music and Hindi Rock. The compositions that I create, I always try to add flavours of Hindi lyrics to English songs, and this has been well received by the audience. Even in India, people are educated and understand international music very well; so they like such unique assortment.

3. Tell us about your band.
I am really fortunate to have got talented and expert musicians from each field. For today’s performance, I am teaming up with Derek Julien (lead guitar), Ryan Fernandes (bass guitar) and Sanjeev Pandkar (drums).

At Hard Rock Café, Koregaon Park Extension.
On Today, 8.30 pm onwards
Call 67258888

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