Indian-origin bride Anni Dewani's murder 'involved middleman'

Aug 16, 2012, 13:49 IST | Agencies

The killing of Indian-origin bride Anni Dewani during her honeymoon in South Africa was orchestrated by a middleman, it has emerged


A witness on the stand confessed that he had been the middleman, by putting shuttle driver Zola Tongo in contact with a man who knew more about the underworld.
The Western Cape High Court heard that Tongo had phoned the witness on 12 November 2010 asking if knew of a hitman.
He said he did not, but could give him the number of Abongile, a former co-worker who had previously told him he could ‘assist’ if anyone was after him.
Tongo met the witness and explained him that a foreign man had asked him to help find a hitman, the court heard.
“Along the way, I asked him why he was looking for a hitman... He mentioned to me that there is a lady who needs to be killed. But he’s not sure because there’s two ladies and he’s not sure which one to kill,” News14 quoted the witness, as saying.
“He said this gentleman was not from here and he had done this before... pretend as if this person was going to be hijacked when actually the person was killed,” he added.
The witness was a hotel worker, who knew Tongo because the hotel often outsourced airport trips or tours to Tongo's shuttle company.

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