Indian politicians who can inspire dramatic Bollywood films

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With politico-social satires somewhat finding favour with filmmakers, we take a look at Indian politicians who could inspire a script or two

Political satires are not usually attempted in B-Town. However, the critically acclaimed 'Ekkes Toppon Ki Salaami' and upcoming film, 'Zed Plus', might just encourage filmmakers to take a long, hard look at this genre.

Mona Singh and Adil Hussain in Zed Plus, a socio-political satire set in a small town in Rajasthan. The plot is centered on a coalition government troubled by corruption and communalism
Mona Singh and Adil Hussain in 'Zed Plus', a socio-political satire set in a small town in Rajasthan. The plot is centered on a coalition government troubled by corruption and communalism

It's not uncommon for directors to model characters after real politicians. hitlist focusses on a few leaders whose lives can provide perfect fodder to filmmakers...

Abhishek Manu Singhvi
Who: MP and former Congress spokesperson
Lowdown: With his bandhgalas and colourful cravats, Abhishek Manu Singhvi is a well known face. The politico enjoyed a squeaky-clean image (as compared to many others) until a sex tape allegedly featuring him and a female lawyer made the rounds in the virtual sphere.

Abhay Deol and (isnet) Abhishek Manu Singhvi
Abhay Deol and (isnet) Abhishek Manu Singhvi 

Singhvi rebutted it saying that it was a forged tape, labelling the entire episode as a conspiracy. The incident caused a lot of embarrassment to the Congress party that distanced itself from the matter. This is not all; the IT department levied a penalty of nearly Rs 57 crore on him, as he could not furnish documents to support his office expenditure.
Role call: With his round face and articulate speech, Abhay Deol seems to be the perfect choice. And he is a spiffy dresser too!

Raghuraj Pratap Singh or Raja Bhaiyya
Who: Cabinet minister in Akhilesh Yadav government
Lowdown: 'The man who feeds his enemies to crocodiles', 'Raja Bhaiyya: The Godfather IV' and the 'Robin Hood of Kunda', this independent MLA from Kunda, Uttar Pradesh, has a 'legendary' personality that would delight any filmmaker.

Emraan Hashmi and (inset) Raghuraj Pratap Singh
Emraan Hashmi and (inset) Raghuraj Pratap Singh

One can imagine a Tarantino-esque film on him loaded with action and dark humour. His CV is dotted with charges like kidnapping and conspiracy to murder.
Role call: With his intensity and sense of wry humour, Emraan Hashmi can do justice to the role.

Narayan Rane
Who: Member of Indian National Congress
Lowdown: This 62-year-old has had an exciting political career. From his humble beginnings, he rose up the ranks to become a strong leader.

Paresh Rawal and (inset) Narayan Rane
Paresh Rawal and (inset) Narayan Rane

Later on, he revolted against his party, Shiv Sena, to join another his present party, where he also ran into trouble. Though a bunch of controversies has dogged him, Rane has never concealed his intention to climb to the top of political supremacy.
Role call: Paresh Rawal for his intense acting and comic timing.

Mamata Banerjee
Who: CM of West Bengal
Lowdown: This firebrand leader from West Bengal has been at the receiving end of the media due to her funny English, politically incorrect statements and over-the-top victory celebrations that reportedly resemble circus shows.

Rani Mukerji and Mamata Banerjee
Rani Mukerji and Mamata Banerjee

The fact that observers have told her to graduate from a street-fighter to an administrator hasn't benefitted her image either. One of the titles we can think of a film having a character based on her is 'I Can Walk English, I Can Talk English'.

Role call: Rani Mukerji seems like a good choice. Another option that comes to mind is Vidya Balan, given her frame and love for all things Bengali.

Digvijaya Singh
Who: MP and ex-Madhya Pradesh CM
Lowdown: Nicknamed Mr. Motormouth of Indian politics, Singh has often been parodied on national television for his outrageous statements.

Piyush Mishra and (inset) Digvijaya Singh
Piyush Mishra and (inset) Digvijaya Singh

Whether it's election campaigns, political debates or Twitter posts, Singh has struck a false note on a regular basis. However, what made him the topic of discussion on Twitter was his affair with journalist Amrita Rai. The much-in-love Singh, however, did not waste any time and accepted his dalliance with unusual flair.
Role call: Piyush Mishra whom we recently saw in 'The Shaukeens' would look a lot like Digvijaya with his broad face and toothy smile.

ND Tiwari
Who: Ex-Andhra Pradesh governor and chief minister of Uttar Pradesh
Lowdown: He has had a long career but more than his political endeavours, it was a sex scandal and paternity dispute that made him a household name.

Kay Kay Menon and (inset) ND Tiwari
Kay Kay Menon and (inset) ND Tiwari

Arrogant, immoral and irresponsible, Tiwari is a way reflected everything that the common man finds wrong with the Indian politician. The veteran leader cried conspiracy after the sex tape scandal and had refused to undergo the DNA mapping test after his biological son, Rohit Shekhar filed a paternity suit. Later, he accepted his son and married Ujjwala Sharma, Rohit's mother in a small ceremony at the age of 89. If Indian politics needed a Hugh Hefner like character, Tiwari would come close.
Role call: Kay Kay Menon has the acting chops to portray a politician who remained defiant even in the face of controversy.

VS Achuthanandan
Who: CPI (M) member and former Kerala chief minister
Lowdown:Unlike many leaders, Achuthanandan is known and respected for his integrity across Kerala. Malayalam actors Nedumudi Venu and Thilakan have done films that have reportedly been inspired by this veteran politician.

Zakir Hussain and (inset) VS Achuthanandan
Zakir Hussain and (inset) VS Achuthanandan

However, his claim to nationwide fame was his insensitive remark to the family of NSG commando Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan, who lost his life in the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks. He reportedly sent police dogs for a security check to Unnikrishnan's home, which was in mourning. The major's father then refused to let him enter the house. Snubbed, Achuthanandan said on TV, "Is there any rule that both the Karnataka Chief Minister and Kerala Chief Minister should go together to his (Sandeep's) home? If it were not that it was Sandeep's house, not even a dog would have gone there." Needless to say, this statement earned him the ire of one and all.
Role call: Actor Zakir Hussain, whom we last saw in 'Singham Returns' as Prakash Rao, would fit the bill.

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