Indian touch to Hollywood stardust

Feb 01, 2013, 01:23 IST | Dhara Vora

Designer duo Alpana and Neeraj's outfits have been a choice for Indian fashion magazine covers and several international artistes including the likes of Lady Gaga and Rita Ora. Dhara Vora caught up with the duo and quizzed them on designing for global stars

Indian designers such as Manish Arora and Falguni and Shane Peacock are now considered regular favourite picks for international artistes. Joining the Indian force on international fashion are Delhi-based husband-wife duo of Alpana and Neeraj Chauhan from the label Azara. Their edgy creations have caught the attention of Lady Gaga, Nicole Scherzinger and the latest entrant is Jessie J, who tweeted a picture wearing one of their Spring Summer 13 (SS13) designs for her concert in Singapore. Excerpts from the interview:

Nicole Scherzinger
Nicole Scherzinger

Your SS13 line has been noticed by international stars. What was the idea behind the line? How does it feel to mark your international presence?
The frozen ends of the Earth — the Arctic and the Antarctic — inspired the line. We interpreted features peculiar to this region through three-dimensional embellishments, textures and prints. It feels wonderful to see our designs being appreciated internationally by stars and celebrities who like to take risks and are not afraid when it comes to dressing. It is the best form of recognition when someone who has made their mark in their respective field shows their support by wearing our creation to their big event. We feel happy that stars like Lady Gaga, Nicole Scherzinger, Paloma Faith, Jessie J, Viktoria Modesta, Brandy, Kat Graham (Vampire Diaries) and Shingai Shinowa have worn our designs for various occasions.

What has been the high point of your career till date and the best compliment you have received for your designs?
When we were invited to show at the Milan Fashion Week alongside icons like Armani, Gucci, Dolce and Gabbana. Another would have to be when our favourite singer and muse Lady Gaga wore one of our outfits. We always imagined someone like her — bold, fearless and theatrical — to wear our garments. Other small moments were our garment being featured in America’s Next Top Model, on the Winner of The Voice and on various X-Factor performances.

What is it about your designs that has found a connect with these edgy fashion/singing idols?
All these stars, at some level, do not conform to the norms in their field. They have been risk takers with their songs, videos and appearances and they’re all young with this urge to create something unheard of or unseen, which is where the connection is. We too, always experiment with our collections and try to push our boundaries and break the norms of stitching, embellishment and design.

Alpana and Neeraj
Alpana and Neeraj

From among the Indian celebrities, whom would you love to see in or you think would do justice to your designs?
We love Sridevi and would love to dress her in one of our looks.

What are you currently working on?
We are working on our Fall Winter 2013 collection.

Any future plans to hit the fashion map of Mumbai?
Definitely. Mumbai is one of the major fashion capitals, and the beauty of it is that style comes effortlessly to the people here. We would love to have our presence here when the right opportunity comes along.

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