"Indian writing is in an evolutionary phase"

Apr 16, 2013, 00:46 IST | Swapnal Tilekar

Says author Shatrujeet Nath who chats with The Guide about his first book, The Karachi Deception

First-time author Shatrujeet Nath, who skipped a career in journalism for the love of writing fiction, has come up with a thriller, titled The Karachi Deception. He recently launched the book in the city.

Author Shatrujeet Nath with his book

About the book
Even though the book deals with the happenings of intelligence agencies of two neighbouring countries (such as the ISI and RAW), the book is a work of fiction. A few elements are borrowed from real-life experiences but basically it’s all about adding elements required for a thriller. The mention of ISI and RAW is realistic as they are agencies which are operative in reality and the book could not be completed without mentioning them. The plot of the book was on my mind for several years. It’s basically a story of a group of commandos who cross the border to kill a terrorist.

Ice cream seller to author
As a child, I travelled a lot as my father was in the military. I lived a nomadic life as every three years we had to shift from city to city. This actually helped me a lot in my writing journey. In the process, I tried out various fields before settling for writing. I even tried selling ice creams as a young marketing guy. But I always wanted to write and believed in myself.

On new- age Indian authors
Indian writing is in an evolutionary phase. A lot of new authors are taking to writing which is a good sign. Sometimes, they say that there is an overflow of writers with new books coming out everyday in the market. But as long as there are good stories (fiction, rom-com or thrillers) which can hold the readers’ attention, this trend is good.

Advice for aspiring writers
The most important thing while you write is that you should believe in whatever you are writing. If you can convince yourself positively about whatever you are writing, you can convince your readers and eventually you can come out with worthy stuff. Consider that you are the first reader of your copy after it gets finished, and if it doesn’t hold your interest, it would not be liked by the readers either.

Future plans
I am coming up with an epic fantasy series of three books; one of which is nearly complete. The story would be rooted in Hindu mythology revolving around Devas (god), Danavas (devils) and Maanavas (humans).

The Karachi Deception, Author Shatrujeet Nath, Grey Oak/ Westland, Rs 225. 

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