Indians want sex on the beach!

Published: Dec 03, 2012, 12:19 IST | MiD DAY Correspondent |

Indian vacationers like to get kinky on the beach, most believe they are the world's most fashionable tourists and are keen to travel to the moon in a decade

If you thought the average Indian tourist is shy and carried a holier-than-thou avatar on holiday, the recently released Kuoni Report 2011 will make you gasp in disbelief. According to international travel company, Kuoni's Global Holiday Report that covered over 12,000 holidaymakers across 12 countries, Indian holidayers are the most adventurous, seeking sex, love and romance whenever they set out. The twelve countries included in the survey were Benelux, Denmark, Finland, Spain, France, Hong Kong, India, Norway, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland and UK.

Sex and relationships, Indians want sex on the beach!

The great Indian flirt
Over 75% Indians revealed that they have had sex in unusual places, while on holiday, with the beach topping the charts as their favourite spot. The report also revealed that Indians are most likely to flirt with their partner and even strangers on a holiday as compared to citizens of other countries. Not surprisingly, most Indians are likely to seek romance and sex on a holiday. "Indians rank themselves as top holiday flirts (37%). Just under a third (32%) of Indians hope for holiday romance and 34% of those aged 25-35 are most likely to feel this way," says Kashmira Commissariat, COO, Outbound Division, Kuoni India. Going by the tumultuous history between Great Britain and India, it was intriguing that Indians were most likely to befriend Britons while on holiday. The report added that Indians are likely to chat up with the British even more than with fellow Indians.

Shop before you trip
The excitement of going on a holiday can be gauged by the preparations people make for it. Women love to look the best on a holiday, with over 65 % admitting to going for a wardrobe overhaul before a vacation; over 25% admitted to dressing more fashionably. What's more surprising is that 26% of Indian men revealed they dressed more provocatively at night, when on a holiday. Exercising comes second after shopping in the holiday prep department, as holidays offer the perfect opportunity to flaunt well-toned bodies. Indians know this best as they emerged the most inclined to step up their exercise routine before a holiday. While shopping, exercising and dieting are common ways for men and women to prepare for a vacation, women look at a holiday as a way to relax, while men long for adventure. For Indians, holidays are not just ways to have fun, but also are an excellent way to connect with nature.

Free as a bird
Holidays also offer an opportunity to shed your inhibitions and do things you would never otherwise do. Only 4% of Indians say that they do nothing out of character on a holiday. Indian women find holidays a librating experience, as they feel free on a holiday. It may come as a surprise that compared to men; women show a greater willingness to talk to strangers, when they are on a holiday. Luxury and environment-friendly holidays emerged as future trends, but Indians like to look beyond the earth's limits. Almost 50% of Indians between ages 25 and 44 believe that going to the moon will be important in ten years time.

The India traveller has arrived!
>> Indians personally believe they (64 %) are the most fashionable nationality on holiday, followed by Britons (40%), French (21%) and Italians (17%)
>> The top five reasons Indians go on a holiday are rest and relaxation (62%), peace (51%), connect with nature (48%), adventure and excitement (40%) and release pressure (36%).
>> Indian vacationers say that they do things that are out of character because they want to have more fun (61%), have new experiences (58%), relax more (37%), live on the edge (26%) and upgrade their lifestyle (26%).
>> Indians spend on local food (50%), clothes (48%), local handicrafts (36%), health & beauty treatments (36%) and day trips (36%).
>> The top five unusual places where vacationers admit to getting amorous include the beach (24%), pool (15%), on a boat (14%), in a restaurant (14%) and in the sea (12%) Info courtesy: Kuoni Global Holiday Report 

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