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Aug 26, 2012, 10:02 IST | Tunali Mukherjee

Flipkart's new music store, Flyte, recently launched in association with NH7 (.in), enables independent artistes to directly sell music to fans

Craving a fresh sound but don’t know where to find it? Head to Flipkart’s recently launched music store, Flyte, for a sensory overload of the best in indie music. Launched in March in association with NH7 (.in), a platform for independent music created by Only Much Louder (OML), Flyte enables independent artistes across the country to sell their music digitally to their fans.

While indie music has gained a massive following with the annual Bacardi NH7 Weekender music festival and shows such as Dewarists and Sountrippin’, Flyte bridges the gap between the artistes and their fans with a collection that features everyone from the who’s who of indie music to the new kid on the block.

The store has currently launched with 50 artistes including Indian Ocean, Pentagram, The Raghu Dixit Project, Karsh Kale, Swarathma, Skyharbor, Midival Punditz, Scribe and promises to features new releases from artists across the country.

It is a win-win deal. The artistes were given the freedom to price their own albums, and the fans have the option of downloading either their favourite single or the entire album on Flyte. The store ensures that you get the best of music on your iPod, without indie music makers losing out on the profit.

Confused about where to begin? We get the best in indie music to give us their favourite picks.

Sahej Bakshi — Dualist Inquiry
Karsh Kale — Cinema: My favourite on the NH7 (.in) store at the moment. The sheer quality of production on the record, combined with the wide range of genres and emotions it entails, makes it a total winner for me.
Midival Punditz — Hello Hello: I heard this album while I was still a student in the US in 2009, and, for me, it represented everything that was great about the electronic music scene in India. It made me want to come back and join in more than ever."
Swarathma — Topiwalleh: Aside from the extremely catchy tunes on this record, I really like that there’s a strong political message attached.

Vishwesh Krishmamoorthy — Scribe (vocalist)
Pentagram — It’s Ok. It’s All Good: When ‘Voice’ was released as the first single from ‘It’s ok. It’s all good’, it was no surprise that Pentagram had ascended to new heights from ‘Up’. An indie classic from start to finish.
Peter Cat Recording Co. — Sinema: My favourite band from 2011. This is one of those albums that you should judge by the cover, because if you thought the cover was outstanding, the CD just cranks it up a notch!
Split — Counting Perfume: The songs on this album hold special significance since Split was the band I played in before Scribe. Listening to the debut album of old friends was a moment of pride and nostalgia.

Vishal Dadlani — Pentagram
Raghu Dixit — Raghu Dixit:
The first time I heard Raghu at Zenzi, I was blown away by his powerful voice. A stellar debut album. 
Scribe — Confect: Dr Salafiya for the win! Scribe exists at that sweet spot right between talent and insanity.
Shaai’r + Func — Mantis: Randolph is a genius producer and Monica always has something to say. S+F is intelligent dance music.  

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