Indo-Pak cyber war on Jan 26

Jan 28, 2012, 07:19 IST | New Delhi

Pak hackers deface over 400 Indian websites, say India's Republic Day was a black day for the people of Kashmir

Pak hackers deface over 400 Indian websites, say India's Republic Day was a black day for the people of Kashmir

While no cross-border firing was reported on January 26, hackers from India and Pakistan got into a cyber war, thereby defacing thousands of websites. The warfare turned ugly when a Pakistani hacking group ZCompany Hacking Crew defaced more than 400 Indian websites after declaring India's 62nd Republic Day as a Black Day for Kashmir.

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The reply of Pakistani hackers was in retaliation to Indian hackers who started defacing Pakistani website and posting images of the Indian flag and patriotic messages. Indian underground hackers, who work by the name Jaguar Hacker, defaced more than 21 websites to celebrate Republic Day. The group posted a picture of the Indian national flag with the song 'Maa tujhe salaam' on the website "Nothng Personal But Its Just That Today Is Our Republic Day.. :)).Don't worry nothing has been deleted... Just Index page renamed (sic)," the defaced site read.

In retaliation to this Pakistani hackers defaced Indian websites stating and that it was a black day for Kashmir. "You claim to be the largest democracy in the world but when it comes to Kashmir and Kashmiri people you tend to forget all your democratic principles.

You kill our fathers, our brothers, shoot down teenagers point blank and detain them under draconian laws like PSA without even giving them a fair trial, you rape our sisters and mothers. After years of atrocities and oppression we say that we will Rise and Rise Again ... Until Lambs become Lions !!!(sic)" the message on the hacked website read.

Experts claim that the volume of such attacks increases on Independence Day and Republic Day. "The message posted by hackers from both countries carry a tone of jingoism and hatred. Now, hackers have started expressing their rage on 7/11 and 26/11 too," said Dhruv Soi, a cyber crime expert.

Meanwhile, cyber crime experts believe that the government should use such skilled resources to work for the nation. "The government should use the hackers the way China does. However, I think we are not yet ready to change the cyber security approach from sleeping mode to aggressive mode," Soi added.

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