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Jul 17, 2015, 08:07 IST | Suprita Mitter

Treat yourself to a yum spa experience the next time you feel the need to perk your day up. With the latest manicure and pedicure at the Saks Salon and Day Spa, lose yourself to the aroma of chocolate, an ice cream scoop bath soak and a shower sherbet scrub

When we walked into the bright, cheery salon we were impressed with its airy interiors. We were escorted to the royalty suite, on the first floor, which housed a spa bed, a pedicure and manicure easy chair, a washroom and a large mirror. You can get all services, from haircuts to spa therapies, done together in this one room, if you like your privacy.

The luxurious consistency of the body icing felt like frosting on the skin
(Clockwise from left top row) Body wash, body icing, repair and seal mask, shower sherbet and ice cream scoop bath soak. Pics/ Shadab Khan

How it works
What started off as a regular manicure and pedicure routine was soon overshadowed by the delicious aroma of chocolate. At this point, we should mention that the whiff of rich milk chocolate was the high point of our experience. After the routine steps came the luxurious bit. The hands and feet were cleansed with a rich, lathering bath gel, infused with exotic extracts.
Step two was exfoliating the skin with what Saks calls the shower sherbet. This chocolate-ey, sugar-based scrub helps exfoliate, cleanse and moisturise, all at once.

The luxurious consistency of the body icing felt like frosting on the skinThe luxurious consistency of the body icing felt like frosting on the skin
The luxurious consistency of the body icing felt like frosting on the skin

It was then time for us to be introduced to the exquisite bath soak with ice cream scoops. These little balls, that look like scoops of ice cream, are removed from their shrink wraps and dropped into warm water. They instantly fizz and melt in water, releasing nourishing oils, minerals, purifying salts and indulgent long lasting fragrances. It made our skin feel hydrated and moisturised, and also relaxed the muscles. We were told that the scoops were a proprietary formula, with each ice cream scoop being handmade in the USA.

The next step was the application of a repair and seal mask. The peppermint oil, along with the glycerin and clay used in the mask, had a cooling and soothing effect on our skin and helped reduce sun tan.

The last step included a body icing. The hands and feet were gently massaged with a lotion that had a luxurious consistency, almost like frosting on the skin. Our skin felt nourished, soft and most importantly, smelt almost edible with the blend of shea butter and cocoa butter. What we loved was that the lotion was creamier than a regular body lotion but not as thick as body butter. However, we wished that the lights were dimmed a bit for this part of the treatment to enhance the experience. Both Mary Jhakalu and Prem Singh Batala who did our manicure and pedicure, respectively, were knowledgeable and their deft movements made our massage enjoyable. We highly recommend this on a day that you choose to pamper yourself.

TIP — Do not wash away the cream immediately after the session, if you can. Allow it to remain.

Time: 10 am to 9 pm
At: Saks Salon and Day Spa, 9, Silver Pearl, Ground Floor, Waterfield Road, Bandra (W).
Call: 26414243
Cost: Rs 1,400 plus taxes for Chocolate Mani (spa); Rs 1,500 plus taxes for Chocolate Pedi (spa)

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