Indulge in some mouth-watering pizza at this Mulund eatery

May 26, 2014, 10:00 IST | Dhara Vora

If you’re a Mulund resident looking for non-gourmet styled pizzas across different price points, Cheelizza might be a new option to try out

Food: Regular
Service: Quick
Ambiance: Average

Several new malls in Mulund and its neighbouring Thane district have delivered new options for this locality’s foodies.

Sadly, for pizza lovers, there isn’t much on offer, apart from what is doled out by pizza chains. Which is why the opening of an outlet of a local pizza chain, Cheelizza, made us wonder if something new was on offer.

The Spicy Treat Pizza had a flavourful sauce

Its location — in the heart of a Jain neighbourhod is ideal as it is an all-vegetarian eatery. Their prices too, we noticed, are lower than other pizza chains in the vicinity. You can pick a pizza for as low as '49 while their most expensive costs only '326. The day we dropped by (Wednesday) a special offer was in store: buy one pizza and get one free, which was a value-for-money option.

We ordered a Spicy Treat Pizza ('326, all prices exclusive of taxes) and got a Cheesy Crisper Pizza ('326) for free.

The Fiery Garlic Bread was hardly fiery yet crispy
The Fiery Garlic Bread was hardly fiery yet crispy

They also have four crust options. From the loaf sandwiches section, we asked for Pesto Delight ('65) and Fiery Garlic Bread ('110, three portions) for our side nibbles. With summer at its peak, we scoured through their soft drinks (good combo offers), iced teas and cold coffees and plumbed for the Choco Latte ('94), eventually.

The service was super quick despite a full house. First on our table was the Spicy Treat Pizza, which had pieces of paneer coated in a flavourful sauce and an additional four veggie toppings. The crust was baked perfectly; the toppings weren’t stingy which was a good sign. The Cheesy Crisper had cheese corn nuggets, and though the wheat base of the pizza was good it could have done with a few more of the nuggets.

Choco Latte
Choco Latte

The Pesto Delight sandwich seemed cost-effective when it first arrived with sufficient vegetables and freshly baked bread. However, the pesto sauce lacked any flavour and was almost a plain cheese sauce with a glimpse of some leafy, mint-ey flavour. Cheelizza seemed to have pinched on the toppings on the garlic bread, but fortunately the bread was crispy. As for the Choco Latte, it was the predictable cold coffee.

Pesto Delight were regular and average
Pesto Delight were regular and average

Cheelizza’s combo offers work wonders with patrons especially due its pricing. However, it needs to pack in more flavours to sustain its wow factor, particularly with yum street food in the vicinity.

At Ajith Apartment, Sarvodaya Parshwanath Nagar, Mulund (W). CALL 67674747

Cheelizza didn’t know we were there. the guide reviews anonymously and pays for its meals.

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