Inside Argo

Mar 31, 2013, 05:50 IST | Team SMD

A one-hour documentary, Argo: Inside Story premieres today at 8 pm on Discovery Channel

Ben Affleck’s Academy Award-winning film, Argo, chronicles the Central Intelligent Agency’s (CIA) attempt to rescue six Americans during the 1978 Iran hostage crisis. The film, which won the Best Picture Award, is based on real-life events. But what really happened during the covert operation?

A still from the documentary
A still from the documentary

Discovery Channel brings for its viewers -- Argo: Inside Story -- which gains access to the top players involved in the crisis to hear their side of the story, including the CIA’s ‘chief of disguise’ Tony Mendez, who was called upon to devise the rescue plan. Narrated by actor Bray Poor, the documentary gives an inside look at the escape and how Mendez forged identity documents and disguises to get past the security agents at the Tehran airport. 

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