Inspired by their boss, Traffic cops shed unwanted kilos

Sep 12, 2012, 08:06 IST | Sandip Kolhatkar

Introduced by DCP Vishwas Pandhare, diet and workout programme for overweight traffic cops shows results in less than two months as first batch of 7 personnel reports to work several kg lighter.

Where there is a will there is way, goes the saying. Seven police personnel attached to the traffic division have shown it to be true by shedding their extra kilos with a strict workout regimen.

Getting Fitter: Two traffic officials exercise at the recreational hall at the police headquarters yesterday

The seven, among them a sub-inspector, were once overweight but managed to shed 4 to 10 kg in less than two months after they were put on an extensive weight-loss programme by their boss, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Vishwas Pandhare. Known as a fitness freak in police circles, Pandhare was all admiration for the seven, saying their efforts were an example of exceptional will power.

DCP (Traffic) Vishwas Pandhare

“Of late, I observed that we had several policemen and officers who were overweight and that it hampered their daily work while also taking a toll on their health,” he said. “I decided to make my constabulary slim and physically fit, and on an experimental basis we picked up six traffic personnel and put them on an extensive weight-loss programme at a noted fitness and wellness club.”

Pandhare said the personnel chosen for the fitness programme were the ones in most need of exercise. “We decided to pick the most overweight personnel from those working on the field and decided to give them a break from their current work to put them on an strict diet and weight-loss plan,” he said. “To make it happen, a noted fitness centre, Abs Fitness and Wellness Club, extended its support and earmarked two nutritionists for the purpose.”

Police Inspector Rangrao Kamere of the traffic division helped Pandhare identify and persuade the overweight personnel to go for the programme.  “Some of the seven police personnel initially showed reluctance, but we told them that it was for their health and made them agree to the programme,” Kamere said. Megha Kadakia, a nutritionist with Abs Fitness and Wellness Club, said the traffic division had approached the health facility a month-and-half ago with the idea.

“In the first interaction with the cops, I asked them about their lifestyle and realised that the kind of lifestyle they were living was taking a toll on their health,” she said. “I cleared their myths about diet and answered their queries. I told them diet is about eating right and not about not eating at all. I later gave them a diet plan which was suitable for their lifestyle.” She said that along with the balanced diet plan, the police personnel were also given exercise tips.

“With the help of fitness trainers, we kept them on an extensive workout plan,” she said. “I told them that a balanced diet and proper physical workout are two sides of the same coin.”

The weight-loss programme started showing results, and in the month-and-half three of the police personnel lost 10 kg. “Other cops also showed good results and reacted positively to the weight-loss programme,” Inspector Kamere said.

One of the police personnel who underwent the programme said: “My weight before the programme was 103 kg and after working out and going for a proper diet, I have reduced to 93 kg. I am really happy with the change.”

Another member of the programme who also shed 10 kg said: “My weight before joining the programme was 121 kg, but now I really feel light and fit after the programme.”

Pandhare said it had been now decided to conduct such weight-loss programmes regularly. “We have now decided to choose the next batch of police personnel for the weight-loss programme with the fitness centre,” he said. “I want my police constables and officers who are working hard to be fit physically as well as mentally.” 

Tips for cops
>> Eat meals at regular intervals and do not keep big gaps between meals
>>  Avoid eating fried and junk food like samosas, wada pav, pani puri, sweets, bakery items, etc
>>  Avoid excessive intake of tea and coffee
>>  Exercise is very important to be fit, so all police officers should keep at least 30-45 minutes daily for exercise
>>  Avoid overeating
>>  Keep a check on alcohol consumption and smoking
>>  Check your weight at least once a week

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