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Jul 26, 2012, 11:40 IST | Dhara Vora

Photographer Dabboo Ratnani gives readers a few tips to make the most of one of the most wanted apps today � Instagram

Eight years back on this very day, the power of digital photography became apparent when Kodak ceased its production of film cameras. Since then, we have seen 48 megapixel phone cameras and powerful android phones grab market share and enable users to share photos worldwide within a second.

An instagram photograph. Pic/ Sowmya Rajaram

One of these modern-day digital-age delights is an application called Instagram. “Photography has become very big as a hobby. The availability of better mobile cameras has played a huge part in it.

Ace photographer Dabboo Ratnani

I feel the popularity of Instagram is just a by-product of this photography craze. Also, several people on Twitter find it easier to just put up a picture than write,” says photographer Dabboo Ratnani. While Ratnani didn’t initially use the application much he’s now addicted to it and admits the easy user interface helps.

Ratnani shares a few cool tips to help enthusiasts utilise the tool to it’s optimum:
>> Using the Inkwell or the black and white filter is the easiest way to add depth to a picture. I love black and white photographs.
>> If the sky is overcast it’s better to use a warm filter that would add a golden tint to the photograph.
>> Frames help add an extra element to the photograph. Depending on your subject, choose a frame that can make your click look soft or grungy even without using a filter.
>> For moving subjects, capture them with your usual camera and then transfer it to Instagram to make changes.
>> Go easy on filters. A very high contrast or low contrast can ruin an image if you haven’t understood your photograph well.
>> Use hashtags. You might stumble upon a brilliant photograph someone has clicked of the place you are at. Follow albums of photographers you like. Several of them give tips along with their photographs.
>> Create stories. For example: If you are at a coffee shop, take a picture of your coffee, yourself and the place and combine them. Collages are interesting reads.
>> You could transfer a photograph to your computer first to see how it looks when it’s magnified and then make changes accordingly. 

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