Inter-state heart transplant saves Navi Mumbai patient's life

Jan 21, 2016, 09:05 IST | Sadaguru Pandit

Mumbai witnessed yet another transportation of the heart between Gujarat and Maharashtra which was also reported 15 minutes quicker time than last interstate transplant between the two states

Mumbai witnessed yet another transportation of the heart between Gujarat and Maharashtra which was also reported 15 minutes quicker time than last interstate transplant between the two states.

While the heart traveled 257 km in barely 84 minutes, it managed to save the life of a 42-year-old Navi Mumbai resident suffering from dilated Cardiomyopathy. At the same time, kidneys of 52-year-old Himmatlal Sawlia who turned saviour by donating his heart also saved the life of other two residents of Gujarat by donating both his kidneys.

Sawlia, who had complained of stomach pain on January 17 was rushed to Diamond hospital after he started vomiting. However as his condition kept escalating, he was later pronounced brain dead on January 19 at Aayush Multispecialty Hospital by neurosurgeon Dr Badresh Mangukia. It was then, the medical superintendent of the hospital contacted NGO members of Surat to inform them about the case that laid the foundation of the transplant.

As the Sawlia family readily agreed for the transplant, the information was passed on to Fortis Hospital Mulund where the cardiac team of the hospital asked the Surat doctors to take the necessary 2D Eco and angiography test of the heart of Sawlia and send the results back to them. As soon as the results were out, team of doctors from Fortis left the hospital for Surat and reached there till midnight to retrieve the organs.

In the clockwork precision, followed by the team of doctors, the only difference that helped them become 15 minute faster than last time was to avail the permission from Surat's Special Commissioner to take the ambulance from Aayush Maltispeciality hospital to the air ambulance directly. The heart was then directly moved from the ambulance to the aircraft and airlifted to Mumbai. Nilesh Mandlewala, president of Donate Life an NGO who counseled the relatives for cadaver donations said, "Each transplant is also a new experience for us. We are learning better and newer ways of ensuring fastest transplants and creating a permanent channel between the two states towards saving lives. This time we saved fifteen minutes, and we are proud of it," said Mandlewala.

In a surgery that lasted for four and a half hours, it gave a new lease of life to the Navi Mumbai resident suffering from fatal heart disease. Talking about the transplant, Chief Cardiac Surgeon of the hospital Anvay Mule said, "Willingness of the family to donate their beloved’s organs, has helped save four lives. We salute such courageous families. The surgery was successful; the patient is now stable. He's been moved to the ICU and will be kept under observation for the next 48-72 hours."

Timeline for heart transplant:

January 19: Sawalia was pronounced brain dead

2.41pm: Sawalias Family agreed to donate the organs post counseling session

3.00pm: Fortis Hospital Mulund received the information about brain dead patient

3.56pm: Cardiac surgeons from both the hospitals discussed the need of 2D Eco and angiography tests

6.15pm: Sawlia shifted to another hospital for the tests, results shared with Fortis Mulund.

7.00pm: Team of doctors left Fortis Hospital to retrieve the heart.

8.09pm: Special Commissioner of Police gave permission for the green corridor

8.15pm: Air Ambulance arranged for airlift of the heart

11.30pm: Doctors from Fortis reached Surat to retrieve the heart.

2.51am: Doctors leave from Aayush Multispeciality hospital in an ambulance

3.04am: Heart reached Surat Airport

3.15am: Heart airlifted from Surat Airport

3.55am: Air ambulance reaches Mumbai Airport

3.58am: heart shifted from air ambulance to ambulance which leaves for Fortis Hospital Mulund.

4.15am: Heart reached operation theater of Fortis Hospital

8.30am: Surgery completed, 42-year-old patient stable

10.00am: patient shifted to the ICU will be under observation for 42-72hours.

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