International Women's Day: Education will help bring Gender equality, say Shani actors

Mar 07, 2018, 13:50 IST | mid-day online correspondent

Siddharth Kumar Tewary's Karamphaldata Shani star cast urge people to work towards bringing about gender equality this International Women's Day

Juhi Parmar
Juhi Parmar

Kajol Shrivastava
Gender equality will take time as people in Indi, despite being educated, still have a sexist approach. Women are never considered to be at par with men as they don't see it in their own family. And even today, after so many years, that legacy is still going on. People living in metro cities may or may not realize it, but there are rural areas where women aren't even allowed to study. I really feel that all this will be eradicated once India becomes educated. Also, only education is not enough as people need to change and accept the fact that women are equally competitive and deserving. With a country like India, it might take time but we are definitely moving ahead.

Kunal Bakshi
Yes, it's true that on ground level there's a lot of difference that is observed between men and women. We are living in metro cities where we see women working out of the house. But even today in rural areas, we don't see too many girls going out to work. I think that the root cause is illiteracy in many remote and rural areas of India even today. So, we have to make our education system very strong where not only boys from villages would go to school but also every girl child has the right to get educated. Education is the only tool that opens our minds. I am sure that soon we will have that balance in our society where men and women are treated as equals in each and everything. And one thing which every man has to do is to give respect to women in the same way they respect the women in their family.

Sachin Yadav
There is no denying the fact that women in India have made huge progress in almost all spheres of life, be it professional, personal, and economical, over the last two decades. But even now, I still feel that there's a lot of work to be done given our society's regressive outlook when it comes to the subject of women empowerment. I feel that empowering women socially, economically, educationally, politically and legally on a large scale is the need of the hour for the betterment of our country. Honestly, it is not going to be easy to change this orthodox, conservative culture of disregard for women which is so deep-rooted in our Indian society.

Salil Ankola
There are two women who are important in a man’s life, one is his mother, who gives birth to him, and his wife. A mother nurtures him, teaches him and gives him his morality, ethics. A man's personality is decided by his mother and of course, then you comes your wife, who's more of your friend, teacher, and all things into one. Regarding women empowerment, I really think that every woman deserves to be treated equally at par with men. I would rather add that treating women equally starts at home where it's about how you treat your mother, sister, the maid who works for you, so all things start at home. It’s also about how your mother teaches you, how your mother handles herself, how a mother projects herself, how in-laws treat their daughter in law, everything matters.

Juhi Parmar
The day there are no rape cases, the day there is no foeticide in India, the day no daughter-in-law is burnt for dowry, the day no dowry is asked, that day I will say that women empowerment has finally happened. It’s not just about educated women living in metros but it’s also about women having the same and save lives like men, and for that men will have to change their perception too. It’s still far-fetched, but I hope that we will attain and achieve this empowerment one day.

Purvesh Pimple
I don't really think that gender inequality is going to be much longer because the generation and everything are going so fast so it won't make any difference now. In next 5 to 10 years it'll be all equal. Empowering women is a very good thought but only on women's day, we remember it. But empowering them in long term is a good thing.

Kanan Malhotra
In our culture, women have always been heralded as symbols of sacrifice. This quality of sacrifice has been tagged to a woman and has perpetuated a hidden agenda of exploiting women and keeping them subjugated. It is not uncommon to find the elders, the parents and the so-called wise in the community to be often blindly offering the advice of 'sacrificing for the sake of the family' to women. These pieces of advice are generally showered on women when she acts in the interest of her 'self'. She's advised to sacrifice when the men in her life do not want to make an effort to support the interests of the woman. This advice is given time and again when she is being made the victim of exploitation by her family. Not only that, she is often taken for granted. It’s women’s day and it is the time to teach men to be more encouraging and help women come out of the hell that they are going through. It can be illustrated by the fact that it is us who are responsible for the diminishing strength of women.

Hitanshu Jinsi
It's extremely unfortunate that we are surrounded by people who are against equality. Such kind of sick mentality disappoints me. Crime against women is increasing with each passing day because we don't have strict laws for the culprits. Be it male or female, everyone has the right to do what he or she wants to do, to wear what you like. It's high time that people should change the way they think. I don't know how long women have to wait to be considered at par with men in our society but at least we can demand strict laws for crimes against women. This needs to start with families first. If family teaches a girl to be strong then no one can harm her. We make a girl feel inferior to boys and that makes them weak. In my opinion, women are not physically as strong as men by nature. But it is a woman who has to bear the pain of childbirth and undergo labour pain too. Make her feel proud the way she is, love her, respect her and EDUCATE her, the rest will follow.

Pooja Sharma
As a woman, I don't feel the need to be on par with men. I am only interested in bringing my highest potential to the forefront. I believe in celebrating my womanhood every day and for that, I don't need anyone's permission or approval because I am the master of my own destiny. Male and female are the creation of nature and both need to be celebrated and neither is below the other. As in regards to freedom, nobody can give it to you as its an attribute of the heart that one cultivates from within.

Sourabh Raaj Jain
I personally feel it’s not about either of the sexes as anyone who is determined to be empowered and works towards its goal and ambition, breaks away all its limitations. Yes, in older times the number male achievers were more than female. Even during those times, we have examples where women have proved their mettle in various fields. Domination of one sex on another is relevant even now in some backward minds. But now finally times are changing, where all one needs is a will to win.

Jai Harsh Varadan Dhull
Firstly, it's not easy to change anything in a small time frame. Women's have rights and are doing much better in every field. They are achieving heights and are making our nation proud. Still, women have to face many problems just to complete their desires. I will not compare women with men at all because, for me, a woman is much stronger than a man, both physically and mentally. Women are often blamed for everything. Even if she is a working woman or not, she has to look after her family. If anything goes wrong, she is to be blamed. The woman's enemy is society and the women herself. Even today, though the times are changing, the thinking of many people is still very traditional and narrow-minded. And to overcome this, I feel that women need to fight for themselves. I know things often go wrong when somebody tries to change something. But the only option is that whosoever is being oppressed, has to raise her voice, and scream so that everybody hears her.

Vijhay Badlaani
According to me, now women are more superior to men in all departments. Nowadays, they are in the top positions due to there vision and brain. But unfortunately, as our society is male-dominated, the credit always is taken by men rather than the women.

Pratham Kunwar
Women are superior to men which is something that has come into play over the years. But I guess it will take some time to manifest completely. They have the power to give birth to men. Every generation of women will have to push the envelope a little, and do it tactfully without stepping on toes. Men are not bad but they are just creatures of the habitat and follow societal norms. But they are willing to change.

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