International Yoga Day special: 3 must-attend events

Jun 20, 2015, 08:13 IST | the guide team

Sign up for day-long free yoga sessions, attend a yoga festival in Powai and participate in an blissful hour-long Hatha Yoga session tommorrow on International Yoga Day

Sign up | Day-long free yoga sessions
7 am to 7 pm The Yogacara Healing Arts is hosting a day filled with free events that includes yoga and meditation classes, wellness talks, Ayurvedic doctor consultations, and a taste of rejuvenation therapies for stress release and to experience total relaxation.

International Yoga Day special

On: June 21
At: Shoeb Manzil/ SBI Building, first floor, near Otters Club, Bandra (W).
Call: 9833198371

Join in | A yoga festival in Powai
6 am to 6 pm The day’s schedule at this festival organised by Shammi’s Yogalaya includes a suryathalon challenge, kriya demonstrations, relaxation sessions, panel discussions and health camps. Also, catch a special yoga dance and self-defence performance.

International Yoga Day special

On: June 21
At: MTNL Cettum, near Hiranandani Hospital, Powai.
Call: 9967710606

Special | A Hatha yoga session
7 am to 8 am Join a blissful hour-long yoga session at Godrej One, led by Charlotta Osterberg, who is a Hatha Yoga Instructor and holds a Masters Degree in Yoga Philosophy. Refreshments will be served post the session. Take-away mats will also be given to attendees.

International Yoga Day special

On: June 21
At: Pirojshanagar Godrej One, Vikhroli.
Call: 18002582588

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