Intruder attempts to rob fan from Vikhroli court

Sep 07, 2013, 06:09 IST | Sagar Rajput

A druggie was spotted trying to steal a ceiling fan from the court but managed to hoodwink the cops in the dark and escape

While dramas are regularly played out inside a courtroom, a theatrical episode transpired outside the Vikhroli courthouse yesterday. An alleged drug addict’s histrionics at the court premises held the local residents and police sway for one hour, as he attempted to steal a ceiling fan from the courthouse.

Uday Ibrampurkar
Uday Ibrampurkar points to the spot where the thief had thrown the fan from the Vikhroli court building. Pic/Suresh KK

At 7.30 pm, a kid playing in the court compound was alerted by a loud thud, which turned out to be a ceiling fan thrown from the court’s terrace. As he looked up, he saw a man standing still. “After hearing the loud noise, he got scared and raised an alarm, yelling ‘chor chor’.

Hearing his shrieks, a few of us gathered at the main entrance, realising that an intruder had stepped into the courthouse,” said Uday Ibrampurkar, who owns an eatery in the building. Police were informed of the trespasser and they were at the spot in 15 minutes.

The cops, along with the locals, started hunting for the intruder, who had now gone into hiding. “With the entrance to the court locked, the court secretary was called by the police, as he had the keys. The search continued, but he was untraceable,” said Ibrampurkar.

With no trace of the miscreant the cops and locals abandoned the search, assuming he had escaped under the cover of darkness, and left the premises. But within minutes of the cops leaving, the thief stepped out from his hiding place, which was the space behind a hoarding on the first floor, and escaped.

“Some people saw him running away from the building. After they raised an alarm, I got into my car to give chase. But, unfortunately it did not start,” added Ibrampurkar. According to residents, the accused is a drug addict and on earlier occasions has stolen fixtures from the court building.

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