Intrusion on your privacy is the biggest con of being an actor: Nargis Fakhri

Oct 07, 2013, 09:02 IST | Rashmi Henriques

Nargis Fakhri's link-ups have made news quite often. However, the lady says that she's focused on her work, and has no time for love. She says, "I want to invest all my time into acting and improving myself."

After playing a journalist in Shoojit Sircar’s film, Nargis is busy shooting for her next project, which will release in spring 2014. In an interview with CS, Nargis shares the heart ache of being an actress, having friends in the industry and finding her right man.

Nargis Fakhri, Actor

The bane of stardom
Fame -- intrusion on your privacy is the biggest con of being an actor. I think some things should be left alone but it seems that once you are a so-called public figure, your life is constantly under a microscope. People want to scrutinise, analyse and just want to know everything about you. I used to get upset initially, then I started laughing it off. Nowadays, I find it amusing and at times. It’s definitely very annoying.

Bonding with buddies
I think it’s tough to maintain friendships in the industry because of the lack of time. We, actors don’t have the time to invest into a friendship. Whatever little time one has, he would like to stay at home and sleep. That’s what I would do. I don’t feel insecure or threatened by other actresses, so I welcome a friendship. Being an outsider, I find the idea of catfights and camps to be a strange one. I come on the sets, do my work, and leave. So far, the people I have worked with have been quite nice to me, and I hope it continues that way. I don’t understand this concept of 4am friends.

Alpha’s rules
I always hear that Bollywood is a male-dominated industry. However, women are slowly making their mark, and wowing everyone with their talent. I think it’s changing and the industry is entering into it’s best phase right now. People are taking more risks now.

No time for love
Honestly, I think I owe my free time to my family first, and then to my friends all of whom live overseas. So, there’s no time for a relationship. Moreover, I want to invest all my time into my work and learning the craft in order to get better. I know that I have a shelf time and want to make the best of it. Relationships like people come and go but your career is important to your freedom. I’m an independent woman and working is what makes me happy right now.

Finding Mr.Right
The idea of a perfect man doesn’t excite me. As long as I can find someone that fits in or at least someone whose imperfections do not annoy the hell out of me, it would be great. He should be cultured, intelligent with a great sense of humour. My man should be a travel freak and emotionally present for me, whenever I need him.  

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