Irrfan's got a big fan

May 30, 2012, 08:40 IST | Janhavi Samant

The 'Amazing Spiderman' director bowled over by the intensity of the actor, eager to work with him again

Irrfan’s star is on the rise. The actor is enjoying rave reviews and not just from his Bollywood buddies. The Amazing Spiderman director Marc Webb was full of praise for the actor and didn’t mind openly talking about his admiration for him.

“I think Irrfan is very talented. He has such intensity. I first saw him in The Namesake and then In Treatment and he really bowled me over. I decided then that I would like to cast him in one of my films,” said the director who has also made films like 500 Days of Summer. At an event to promote the film, Webb said it was some quality in Irrfan’s eyes that really impressed him and made him cast him as Dr Ratha.

This praise isn’t new. At the time of Slumdog Millionaire, its director Danny Boyle was also full of appreciation for Irrfan’s acting skills, who reportedly compared him to an athlete who could execute the same move perfectly over and over and claimed that it was beautiful to watch.

Irrfan’s Hollywood innings started with The Namesake, A Mighty Heart. However it was Slumdog Millionaire that brought him to the world’s notice and it looks like Irfan is just about to consolidate his career in Hollywood.

In the last few years, a few actors like Irrfan along with Mallika Sherawat, Anil Kapoor, Gulshan Grover have been able to snag work in the West. However, the length of their roles, almost blink-and-miss, hasn’t been too satisfactory for their Indian fans.

Although Webb isn’t too open about the length of Irrfan’s role in the next Spiderman installment, he insists that it is a significant role. “It is a good meaty role, he will definitely be noticed. I would like to work with him again,” signed off Webb.

Irrfan, who is currently busy shooting for a film, is too thrilled with all the appreciation and has promised us an interview soon enough.  

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