Is a visit to Bandra eatery Terra worth it? Find out

Apr 06, 2014, 09:30 IST | Dhiman Chattopadhyay

Go to Terra at Bandra if you like the sea breeze on your face and dining by the candlelight

Food: Packed with flavour
Service: Friendly
USP: Customised dishes, all inclusive prices, good seafood and veg choice
Ambience: Romantic

Doing a review of a new restaurant sometimes makes you feel like a guinea pig, even if a happy one. Happy, as trying out a new place and new dishes is mostly fun. But much like the poor animal that has become synonymous with lab tests, reviewers are the first to try (often at their own peril) strange sounding dishes or ones with stranger looking things in them — just so that they can recommend to the world, what tastes divine and which ones to avoid if you want the stomach to survive. 

While the Garlic Prawns were good at Terra

Okay, sometimes it’s not that tough, but trying out prawns anywhere outside of the home is a risk in the first place. And what about the times when a chef cannot distinguish between ‘well done’ and ‘fried-to-a-crisp’? Argh!
Thankfully all our fears were unfounded when we dined at Terra — the brand new rooftop restaurant on Ambedkar Road in Pali Hill. A stiff breeze greeted us as we walked in to the open-air eatery around 7.30 pm — producing a calming effect on us after a tiring and nerve- wracking drive home.

The sizzler was average

Our first orders — a glass of Fresh Lime Soda (Rs 60) and an Apple Martini (Rs 350) arrived within five minutes and the starter — a plate of Prawns in Butter Garlic sauce (Rs 330) followed within the next two minutes. Six pieces of large prawns well marinated in a thick sauce, sharing space with bell peppers, was good value for money. The prawns, were mildly grilled and the sauce just perfect.

Next, we asked for a plate of Chicken Hakka Noodles (Rs 250) and Spaghetti and Prawns in red sauce — basic dishes but those that tell you whether the chef has his fundamentals in place. We requested that the dishes be child-friendly and the chef came over to assure us that he had indeed avoided chilli flakes and pepper so that those on a ‘no-spice’ diet, could consume them.

The Chicken Sizzler (Rs 400) disappointed though. The mushroom sauce was below par and the quantity of veggies and mashed potatoes was rather disappointing. For dessert, we tried the Blueberry Cheesecake (Rs 150). It was good — generously topped with blueberry and the cheesecake soft and mildly sweet — without being outstanding.

We liked the fact that Terra’s prices are all-inclusive. No one ever likes the sudden addition of Rs 500 as taxes at the end of a meal. We walked out happy that the bill was well under Rs ,000 even after the amount we ordered.

Terra is by no means the best option to dine in an area that has more restaurants than the population of Iceland, but if you like the sea breeze on your face and dining by the candlelight — go for it.

At: Terra, Executive Enclave, Dr Ambedkar Road, Pali Hill, Bandra 
Call: 66969000

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