'Is an office romance worth the risk?'

Updated: 05 July, 2016 09:26 IST | Dr. Love |

I think I'm in love with a girl in my office. My friends tell me dating her is a bad idea. What do you think?

Q. I think I'm in love with a girl in my office. My friends tell me dating her is a bad idea. What do you think?
A. Almost everyone you meet will tell you that dating a co-worker is a really, really bad idea. Yes, there are couples who make it work, but there are also people who think of Baba Sehgal as a talented singer. These people are all exceptions to the norm. Dating someone from the same office space is always tricky, hard to manage, and extremely difficult to deal with in the event of your relationship turning sour. The way your colleagues will look at this relationship should also be considered very carefully. You should also keep in mind the possibility that you are probably attracted to her simply because you spend so much time with her every day, not necessarily because she is the kind of person you would like outside the office. Circumstances, more than the person, may be influencing your decision. If you are aware of the risks, and are willing to deal with them, ask her out and see how that goes.

Q. How do I keep the romance alive in our relationship?
A. There are a number of things you can do to make sure you and your partner always keep that spark alive. Having sex more often than you have meals is a good way to start, but there are a whole lot of other things you can consider that don't involve nudity. Try and cultivate similar interests, for instance. You can both have individual hobbies, of course, but when interests overlap, you will always have a reason to spend more time together. Show your partner what you like, while trying to understand what he or she loves doing too. Also display where your priorities lie, whenever possible. Show your partner how important he or she is in your life. Forget about work every once in a while and devote a day to your partner. Eventually, it's the little things that count.'

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First Published: 16 June, 2016 06:00 IST

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