Is Bollywood cashing in on Sanjay Dutt's misery?

May 25, 2013, 07:02 IST | Asira Tarannum

Sanjay Dutt's family is apparently miffed at people trying to extract publicity on his name

A few days before he surrendered to the court, Sanjay Dutt was apparently overheard telling his near and dear ones how the industry has deserted him during his darkest days. More so as the actor had rallied to complete pending portions of his films before his jail term, that were yet to be shot. Industry insiders now say that Sanju’s family is distraught about the way Bollywood has been cashing in on him.

Within hours of his surrender, a certain film-maker is said to have rushed to announce his future project with the convicted actor. And according to sources, Maanyata is also upset with Rahul Aggarwal, whose film, Hum Hai Raahi Car Ke used Sanju’s pic and timed the music release a few hours before he surrendered himself to the court. Pictures of the actor were also splashed across town on hoardings of another upcoming film.

Sources say that Sanjay’s family, especially Maanayata, is extremely upset with the cashing in.

Our informer says, “Sanjay was looking forward to spending his last few days of freedom with his family. He had given his dates to his producers to wrap up as much work as possible before he left for his jail term. It is too much of a coincidence that word about his upcoming projects is coming out at a time when he has just gone to jail. It is a difficult time for his family.”

A source close to the family says Sanjay’s sister Namrata and wife Maanayata feel that the actor’s name is being blatantly used by filmmakers to extract as much publicity as possible.

Sanjay’s second sister Priya Dutt states she is not aware of the films Sanjay has wrapped up recently. Dutt says, “I don’t know about his work. Right now we have bigger things to think about. When you are in a situation like this, such things happen.”

However, when contacted producer Rahul Aggarwal denied that Maanyata had any issues with him. He, however, went on to add, “Sanjay’s name has been exploited in the past too because of his goodness and kind heart. It breaks my heart to see people do that even now. He helps people out of love and they take advantage of that.”  

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