Is Ground Zero worth a visit? Find out...

Feb 12, 2014, 09:00 IST | Tanveer Bookwala

Yet another pub-lounge opened in the suburb of Bandra but instead of being hailed as a new pit stop, Ground Zero only serves to be another pointless, expensive addition to the pin code

Ground Zero
Food: Downer
Service: Pathetic
Ambiance: Good

What constitutes a good bar or pub experience is the vibe, the music, the décor the ambience and the service. Sadly, Ground Zero scores a zero on most of these. We entered the place at 10.30 pm to discover that we were the only patrons there. This isn’t a deal breaker but social drinking thrives on a host of people around. The good thing, the music was Classic, Rock, vintage, old school and at just the right volume.

Tropical Mojito

There was a couch seating area on one side and high tables on the other. There were also a couple of group tables and a neon lit bar. A little too dark for a happy pub (a la The Daily, also in Bandra) but we let that pass.

We started with the Tropical Mojito (Rs 400) that is all parts white Rum, Fresh Pineapple, Mint and Soda. The drink had the right mix of flavours and the correct amount of white rum (Bacardi). The drink tasted strong and flavourful; the best part was that the happy hour run all day and night till 11 pm.

Another special that we tried out was the Sour Green Apple Martini (Rs 400) with Vodka and Fresh Apple that’s all parts sweet and some parts Sour. It was delicious.

The drinks came with the food. Weirdly, it took that long to make. But that was only the start of the terrible service. The table wasn’t the cleanest, the plates weren’t without blemishes and we had to ask thrice for a quarter plate.

Ground Zero only serves finger food on its menu. We ordered the basics: Cheesy Nachos (Rs 200) were disappointedly soft. While laden with a fair amount of cheese, it added nothing new to the proceedings.

The Fish Fingers (Rs 300) were oddly shaped fried fillets. While this isn’t make or break, a visual note of the dish you order automatically procures minus points when presented differently. The fish in itself was fresh and crisp, and we had no complaints here.

The BBQ Chicken (Rs 350) was thin crust and looked delicious. Almost like a perfect pizza. But one bite into it and we realised that one should not judge a pizza by its appearance. The crust was limp, the pizza cold and the toppings unappetising. And this, after specifying that we would like an extra crispy crust! Second-rate!

Also, at R2,000 for this kind of food (with Rs 300 lumped into taxes), it didn’t appease our taste buds at all.

At: C’est La Vie, 164, Hill Road, Bandra (W).
Call: 30932030 Ext: 368
Ground Zero didn’t know we were there. The GUIDE reviews anonymously and pays for meals.
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