Is Kangna going overboard with her shopping spree?

Jul 08, 2013, 09:15 IST | Asira Tarannum

Kangna Ranaut's friends are concerned about her extravagant shopping habits

She may be known for her eclectic style sense, but looks like Kangna Ranaut’s friends are extremely worried about her spending habits. While Kangs has left for Europe for yet another shopping spree, sources close to the actress say she has box full of high-end clothes simply lying idle in her house.

Kangna Ranaut

A source says, “For the promotions of her upcoming films, Kangs plans to dress to kill. Her house is under renovation and one can’t help but notice the heaps of expensive clothes that she owns. Her friends and family are urging her to choose items from her existing collection but it seems Kangs can’t control her urge to shop.” The clotheshorse is said to be looking forward to her shopping spree clubbed with a holiday with her close friends from Los Angeles and London.

A buddy of the actress says, “The new Fall collection will be unveiled soon and Kangs will start making special appearances during the same time. We hope she doesn’t go overboard and instead picks things from what she already has at home.” Says Kangna, “Fashion and styling really excites me as I am an unconventional dresser. I can’t wait to pick up some great stuff.”  

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