Is Kiara Advani upset with Dhoni biopic makers?

Mar 16, 2016, 08:41 IST | Anirban Das

Apparently, Kiara Advani is not happy over her role in 'M.S Dhoni: The Untold Story' being smaller than Disha Patani's

Names of several actresses had been tossed around for the role of MS Dhoni's wife, Sakshi, in the cricketer's biopic, but it was one-film-old Kiara Advani who got lucky. Now, if sources are to be believed, she is not quite happy with the way her part has shaped up in the final cut. What's more, she is apparently also been questioning why co-star Disha Patani's role is bigger than hers.

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Kiara Advani
Kiara Advani

"Kiara believed that she had the second most important role in the film after Sushant Singh Rajput, who plays Dhoni in the Neeraj Pandey film. However, after checking with the production unit, she figured out that her role has been drastically chopped down by the makers. Naturally, she is disappointed," says an insider.

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Sushant Singh Rajput in one of the film's posters
Sushant Singh Rajput in one of the film's posters

Despite repeated attempts, Kiara remained unavailable for comment while the film's spokesperson denies the rumour. Sources close to the project, however, maintain that Kiara is upset not only because she has got the short shrift, but also that newcomer Disha Patani has been given more prominence.

"Disha plays Dhoni's late ex-girlfriend, a key character in the film. Kiara, apart from being upset over her role being downsized, has been claiming that the makers had not briefed her about Disha's role being more important than hers," adds a source.

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