Is Mumbai ready to say 'Chorizo'?

Jul 06, 2013, 00:37 IST | Ruchika Kher

Now, there's no need to feel shortchanged when well-travelled friends go overboard about their spicy chorizo sausage indulgences in Spain or Mexico. Mumbai's foodies have much to cheer as an increasing number of restaurants appear to have included this pork dish on their menus. Ruchika Kher and Devika Desai set out on a chorizo trail thAt made them yell "delicioso!" At the end of their gastronomical joyride

Cherry Tomato and Mozarella Pizza with Chorizo
Dishes: Here, chorizo is used in three dishes - the Chorizo and Marinated Rocket leaves with Chillies Pizza, Cherry Tomato and Mozarella Pizza and the Antipasti Misti. The Antipasti Misti which is a selection of smoked ham, smoked salmon, marinated prawns, mushroom, olives, and asparagus wrapped in spicy chorizo has proven to be most popular ingredient.

Cherry Tomato and Mozarella Pizza includes chorizo

Why on the menu: “The foreign nature of the sausage adds value to our dishes as people prefer to try things that aren’t local to Mumbai. Additionally, the chorizo sausage gives our dishes a spice kick and a smoky flavour, which pork-lovers go mad for,” says Chef Karl D’Souza. 

Sourced from: Spain
At Ristorante Prego, ground floor, CR2 Mall, Nariman Point.
Call 66172008

Spanish Garbanzo & Chorizo Soup
Dish: Here, chorizo sausages are used for a traditional Catalan soup with rendered chorizo, chickpeas, spinach and tomatoes. They also use it in their Mediterranean and Salami platter as a cold cut and on their pizzas as a topping.

Why on the menu: “We have been using chorizo for quite a long time. Introduction, experimentation and usage of new ingredients has always been a part of our philosophy. We prefer to use the dried and cured variety of chorizo. It has an intense flavour and aroma which is unmatched,” says Chef Mayank Tiwari.
Sourced from: Spain
At Olive Bar & Kitchen, Mahalaxmi Race Course, Mahalaxmi.
Call 40859596

What is Chorizo?
Chorizo is a name given to a variety of sausage, both fresh and cured. It is made from pork, is heavily seasoned, and has a characteristic red colour. Although there are many regional varieties, most chorizo can usually be placed into one of two categories, Spanish or Mexican.

Shop for chorizo
1) Jude Cold Storage, Bandra (W).
2) Foodhall, Lower Parel (will be available from July 10 onwards).
3) Nature’s Basket, Churchgate.

Chorizo Molletitos
DISHES: This place offers Chorizo Molletitos (bread spread with butter, grilled and topped with refined beans, melted cheese and pico de gallo and choriz), Chorizo Baked Potato Skins (baked potato skins stuffed with pico de gallo and house chorizo), Mexican Chorizo & Eggs Tortas (Mexican bread with lettuce, refried beans, sliced tomato, guacamole, fried eggs and chorizo) and Mexican Chorizo Quesadilla (four tortillas with melted cheese and Mexican Chorizo. Served with guacamole, pico de gallo and roasted tomato salsa)

Chorizo Molletitos

Why ON THE MENU: “It was introduced to give more variety on our menu. Chorizo Molletitos are a favourite with guests as you can actually see the chorizo on top,” says Chef Vikas Seth.
SOURCED FROM: We prepare chorizo in-house using pork mince, pork fat, ancho chilli, guajillo chilli, garlic, cloves powder, Mexican oregano, black pepper, vinegar, fresh herbs piped into casings and cured for 10 days before use.
At Sancho’s, Pinnacle House, 15th Road, Linking Road, Bandra (W).
Call 9987900134 

Indianised versions

Loca Omelet
Dish: Loca Omelet with Pork Chorizo is the restaurant’s version of the traditional Spanish omelette with pork chorizo as a topping. It adds a sour and spicy zing to the omelette. Choriz & Brun is also served, which is Chorizo meat gravy served with Brun Pav.

Loca Omelet with Pork Chorizo available at Loca Loca. Pic/ Abhinav Kocharekar

Why on the menu: “It was introduced because of its distinct and fresh appeal. We haven’t seen much of Pork in Mumbai and India and the number of pork eaters are constantly increasing. It could be the new ‘chilli chicken’,” says Chef John Fernandes.
Sourced from: We use Goan pork chorizo, which is different from the original pork chorizo sausages from Spain.
at Loca Loca, Vora Building, Khar (W). Call 30932030

Bangers and Mash

Dish: The crowd favourite Bangers and Mash, was originally a British dish, made with German chorizo sausages and mashed potatoes. Additionally, there is the Goan Chorizo Pao on the main menu.

Why on the menu: “Pork-lovers are die hard fans of chorizo”, says owner Meldan D’Cunha, who also states that these dishes can be found at his other restaurant, The Local, as well.
Sourced from: Germany and Goa
At Grup Shup, opposite Mahim Station, Mahim. sCall 24464306

Reserved for specials
Soup, Pasta, Risotto and Pizza
Dish: They make soup, pasta, risotto and pizza with chorizo, but since there is often issues related with the delivery, whenever they get the supply, they add it as specials.
Why on the menu: “It was introduced because of its spiciness. Also, we do a lot of Picante Pizza Pie, which worked great,” admits chef Aloucik Mondal.
Sourced from: Spain
At Three Wise Men, Sujata Building, opposite Santacruz Police Station, Santacruz (W).
Call 9819496421

Chorizo Ravioli
Dish: They serve the Chorizo Ravioli, which is an appetiser.

Why introduced: “It offers a completely new flavour, taste and texture for the Indian palate. The smoky flavour of the chorizo sausages are preferred,” says Chef Azad Taslim Arif.
Sourced from: Spain
At Otto Infinito, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra (E).
Call 26567777 

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