Is Preetika Rao acting pricey?

Aug 02, 2014, 07:05 IST | Sonali Joshi Pitale

Sources say that 'Beintehaa' actress Preetika Rao recently refused to interact with the media

Preetika Rao, who plays the lead in Beintehaa, is said to be giving a tough time to mediapersons over the past few months.

Preetika Rao
Preetika Rao

It is said that the actress initially refused to give interviews and later on agreed to do some but was rude in her replies. A crewmember says, “Preetika has had some issues with the media in the past as well. But since the show is popular, the makers wanted organise her interactions with the press.

A few weeks ago when a new reporter from a known channel landed on the show’s sets, she refused to speak to this person and remarked that even her ‘jooti’ (footwear) would not give an interview.” Preetika denies this episode. She says, “I was a journalist myself, so I cannot behave like this in front of one. I can understand that they have work pressures to deal with but I never use such offensive language.

That said, I have laid down some rules for mediapersons because I cannot concentrate on my scene when they keep taking my pictures on the sets. Also, I don’t believe in over-exposing myself. So yes, I will give only two media interviews in a month. There is no point in coming on TV everyday and talking about the show.”

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