Is principal being made the scapegoat?

Oct 14, 2013, 01:51 IST | Niranjan Medhekar

Sources claim Dr Dilip Sheth was being pressurised by various political outfits to accommodate Class XI students beyond the capacity of the institution, blame college management for making him the fall guy

A week after SP College Principal Dr Dilip Sheth resigned on being named in the backdoor Class XI admission controversy, sources revealed that Sheth was under tremendous pressure from various political outfits to accommodate more students beyond the college could manage.

Getting murkier: (Inset) Dr Dilip Sheth; Shikshan Prasarak Mandali's Secretary Anant Mate (in glasses) discusses the admission issue at the deputy directorate office last week. File pics

They further claimed that rather than rallying behind Sheth and resolving the issue collectively, the management made him the sacrificial lamb to save its image, and immediately accepted his resignation.

In the letters written to the deputy director of education and the state education secretary in his capacity as the college principal on October 7, the very day Sheth assured political outfits admission to students, Sheth said he was doing it ‘due to tremendous pressure’, and hence, the deputy director office should not give permission to these backdoor admissions.

His letter read: “The college has submitted its request for the additional admission (to state government) to Class XI due to tremendous pressure from various sectors. But now, the authorities of the college have decided not to admit any student beyond the intake capacity, due to absence of sufficient infrastructure facilities.”

When asked how it was possible for the principal to give admission to 80 students without management’s consent, considering the fact that the procedure was held in the society office last Monday, Shikshan Prasarak Mandali Vice-President Anant Mate said, “The management has no role in it. The principal is solely responsible for Class XI admissions. He was the signing authority.”

Mate even refuted the allegation that Society President Abhay Dadhe was present at the spot last Monday, and was aware about the admission procedure and its repercussions. Referring to the October 7 letters, and skipping the fact that it was Sheth who had sent them, Mate claimed that it was the management that had intimated government authorities, requesting them not to permit extra admissions for Class XI.

Docile officials?
Allegations were levelled against the college management that it was feeble and had succumbed to pressure tactics implemented by various student outfits with political connections.

Despite being aware of the fact that the college lacked adequate infrastructure to accommodate additional students, the management sent a proposal to the deputy director’s office last Saturday, requesting accommodation for an additional 10 per cent students in Class XI. But the deputy director’s office rejected the proposal and raised a few questions.

“When the college management itself has sent a letter to this office, stating they had insufficient infrastructure,  then how will they manage additional students? Another question is of attendance. According to rules, every student should attend at least 75 per cent lectures. In this case, students have already missed their first  term.

The proposal can’t move forward till we get a reply for these questions,”  an official from the office  of the deputy director of education said.  

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