Is Priyanka's look in 'Barfi' similar to SRK in 'RA.One'?

Aug 30, 2012, 16:05 IST | The Hitlist Team

If you have seen Priyanka Chopra in the trailers and the songs of Anurag Basu's film, one cannot deny the remarkable similarity between the looks she sports in the film with Shah Rukh Khan's avatar from RA.One


Priyanka Chopra

Not RA.One literally but perhaps Priyanka’s looks remind you of the portion wherein Shah Rukh plays the geeky game developer Shekhar Subramanium. Both SRK and Priyanka are sporting noodle-like hair in both the films.

Shah Rukh Khan

Interestingly, there is a buzz doing the rounds that the hairdo is similar to what Sachin Tendulkar used to have before he decided to get his mop straightened out. PC’s characters in the film if not she herself is definitely inspired by SRK and SRT. Guess Priyanka can’t stop taking inspiration from others. 

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