Is Priyanka trying to avoid Shahid?

Sep 02, 2013, 08:26 IST | Jigar Shah

Sources say Priyanka Chopra and Shahid Kapoor are not on speaking terms once again

After a period of bonding several months after their alleged break-up, looks like Priyanka Chopra and Shahid Kapoor have decided to play the avoidance game once again. After months of staying away from each other, Shahid was at his alleged ex’s side when her father, Dr Ashok Chopra passed away. Later PC apparently also attended a party at Sasha’s Versova home.

Priyanka Chopra Shahid Kapoor

Says an onlooker, “It seems something went wrong in the past few days. The two were present on the sets of a reality show over the weekend. Shahid was there to promote his film while PC was there for Zanjeer. Priyanka was also busy shooting for her item song in Ram Leela. She instructed her staff strictly to call her to the reality show set to shoot her portions only when Shahid exited.”

A friend of PC however denies the allegations and says, “No, there is nothing wrong between the two. Priyanka is working on a tight schedule and she didn’t want to waste time. She would come to shoot her sequence only when the others were done.”

In the meanwhile...
While it has been reported that Salman Khan is doing a cameo in Shahid’s next film Phata Poster Nikla Hero, Sasha has devised a way to say thank you to the star. While promoting the film, the actor will wear T-shirts retailed by Salman’s charitable organisation. Shahid will also be seen sporting a similar T-shirt in the film as well. Says Shahid, “I play a Salman fan in the film and wore those T-shirts while going to the sets. It was very gracious of Salman to shoot a scene for us.” 

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