Is Salman Khan miffed with VJ Andy?

Sep 18, 2013, 09:12 IST | Sonali Joshi Pitale

Apparently, Salman Khan has trained his guns on VJ Andy, who made fun of the 'Bigg Boss 7' show host's gaffe on air

The very motto of Bigg Boss is to present the ugly truth behind the glitz and glamour of tinsel town in front of the unsuspecting television viewers. But sources say the show’s host Salman Khan apparently hoped his recent slip-of-tongue would be safely edited out of the final content that goes on air. But unfortunately for him, the scissors were not wielded and the audience got a first-hand experience of the star’s fumbling on his script.

Salman Khan

VJ Andy, one of the contestants on the show, apparently wouldn’t stop teasing Salman on his gaffe, which didn’t go down well with the star. A source says, “Salman was introducing one of the new participants on the show and Andy was already inside the house. He saw Salman’s act on the screen and imitated him. While initially the star took it sportingly, he was hoping the production team would edit it out.”

VJ Andy

Much to Salman’s displeasure, it was aired as it is on Sunday that left the star miffed. A source from the channel says that Salman was also mighty ticked off with Andy’s antics. “Looks like Salman will now wait to pick on Andy, just the way he did towards Imam Siddiqui for his odd behaviour on the show’s last season.”

During one of his media interactions, Salman had said how he takes it upon himself to correct those who make fun of others on the show. He had also cited the example of TV actor Akashdeep Saigal (Sky) who had walked out of the show in the fifth season. The official spokesperson of the channel however rubbishes the buzz.  

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