Is the smart watch a smart buy?

Oct 18, 2013, 05:03 IST | Dhara Vora

Mobile phone companies have now encroached upon the watch zone with the smart watch that helps you do loads of stuff, just like your phone, while being on your wrist. The catch with most types is that it's useless without a smart phone, and costs as much as one. Dhara Vora opened up the debate of whether the smart watch is worth the hype

Prateik, Actor

The smart watch is a unique idea. It’s got many advantages but compared to a phone, I feel it lags behind because it doesn’t offer anything different as compared to what you would find in a phone. It’s a definite step towards more portable and accessible technology, but I would prefer a phone.

Smart watches

Robin Uthappa, Cricketer

I am a tech lover and I’m also passionate about regular watches. I would not like to use a smart watch as it would combine both as one and I would prefer to use both individually, each to its fullest potential.

Adamya Sharma

Firstly, they are too expensive. And whatever purpose they hold, a phone is enough for it. I don’t need a watch to do the same thing.

Vamsi Ayyagari

I wouldn’t want one. People should define their needs and not their greeds. This one is more of a gimmick and I don’t fall into that category.

Sumit Sabhnani

I think a smart phone is necessary as you can multi-task with it, be it check your investments or make a call. Now if your phone can do everything, why do you need a watch to add on to it?

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