Is the USD 1,500 Google Glass worth only USD 80?

May 03, 2014, 12:17 IST | Agencies

Looking forward to spend $1,500 (R90,000) to buy your set of Google Glass soon?

California: Looking forward to spend $1,500 (Rs 90,000) to buy your set of Google Glass soon? Then this information may shock you that it takes electronic components worth a mere $80 (Rs 4,800) to develop the one eyewear device!

According to the website, researchers looked into one of the Glass’ prototypes and revealed what goes into making Google Glass.

They found that the single most expensive part inside Glass is a Texas Instruments ‘OMAP 4430’ applications processor, costing $13.96 (Rs 800).

There is also a $5.66 (Rs 340) camera, a $3 (Rs 180) display, and 16GB of flash memory from Toshiba for $8.18 (Rs 492).
According to the site, this is just a rough estimate of the cost of the parts. They will do a deeper analysis soon.

But a Google spokesperson was quoted as saying that the teardown estimate was wrong. Google is expected to launch a cheaper version later this year.

Google will also include a free sunglass shade or one of its newly introduced prescription glasses frames along with Google Glass.    

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