Is Theata healing beneficial? Read on to find out

Apr 19, 2016, 08:03 IST | Suprita Mitter

Does Theta healing help you get over mind blocks and realise your goals? We found out at a 15-minute customised teaser session

"Take a close look at the bathroom — It has a wall clock that doesn’t work because the brain relaxes and gets creative ideas while one is on the pot or in the shower and hence we must not feel the pressure of time," said Theta Healer Arpita Agarwal, at one point during our walkthrough of their bright office-cum-workspace in Worli as a part of our test drive for a theta healing session.

(From left) Arpita Agarwal, Nakshi Satra and the reporter at a brief trial session
(From left) Arpita Agarwal, Nakshi Satra and the reporter at a brief trial session 

A bit amused, we were shown a few masks on the walls of the bathroom; this was "to encourage people to reveal their true identities," she continued. Of all the test drives we’ve signed up for, this particular reference took the cake. Twenty minutes earlier, we met Theta healers, Arpita Agarwal and Nakshi Satra to check out what the buzz about theta healing was.

The reporter with Arpita Agarwal looking at the masks placed in the washroom of the ATL office. Pics/PradEep Dhivar
The reporter with Arpita Agarwal looking at the masks placed in the washroom of the ATL office. Pics/Pradeep Dhivar

Being our first session, we went with an open mind. Paintings, lights inspired by planets and stars with an astronomy connect, a table washed in light and dark shades (we were told later that it depicts the dark and light side of an individual’s personality) caught our eye. The flooring was a mix of stone and wood to represent the cold (stone) and warm (wood) side of each person.

"We have played with elements to create a space that is inspiring. We take down a person’s desires and then create a therapy accordingly. This could include art therapy, meditation, fun exercises, and hypothetical situations created to gauge a person’s thought process. We also use colour therapy andfood therapy too as these have the ability to alter mood. Recently we have introduced acting and writing therapy. Whatever you are interested in can be turned it into a therapy," shared Agarwal.

Time travel
Curious to know more about the the real deal, we were told that typically, 12 to 16 sessions for an hour and a half suffice for theta healing seekers. "However, we can’t spell out how much time it will take to rectify the problem completely. We do two sessions a week or at times, even one so that the person can return and work on themselves. As opposed, to psychologists our sessions are more fun and engaging," she continued. We then sat down for our mini session and were asked to list five of our most important desires. A series of questions followed to gauge how we stop ourselves from achieving those desires.

While we weren’t able to judge the outcome from a 15-minute Q &A session, we felt that anyone with a little drive and motivation could do this on their own. Also, for a serious problem, we recommend you see a psychiatrist, who may also be able to prescribe medicine.

We were not exactly convinced about the results of this new-age therapy since each session costs about Rs 3,000. and you never know how many you’d need. We were told that if someone enjoys travel and lists that as their desire, the therapist can travel with the person to a "quiet, serene location and discuss their issues there as well." Not for us, this one.

On: April 22, 23
At: Sarjan Plaza, G2- 165, Dr. A B Road, near Lotus Court, Worli.
Note: We do not necessarily endorse this healing process. Readers are advised to proceed after doing their own research.

What they say: Theta healing
"The modality of Theta Healing was created 20 years ago. Theta is a brain frequency. It helps you access the part of your brain that has the subconscious mind. It’s the energy around you that starts developing while a person is still in their mother’s womb at zero and continues to develop till the age of seven. You take up your first-time experiences and start creating a belief system including judgments of what is good and what isn’t. So, when you group up, many of these belief systems created initially may or may not work; it’s when you begin to face issues and feel entangled. These sessions help you reach the subconscious to figure what could be those beliefs that are holding you back. We identify and break through those patterns. We also help segregate your beliefs from the ones fed in by others or from created by the experience of other people." — Nakshi Satra

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