Is this snow-themed space in Lower Parel worth a visit? Find out

May 28, 2016, 08:28 IST | Vinitha Ramchandani

Earlier this year, we gave you an exclusive peek into Lower Parel's Snow Rush. Our childrens' space reviewer, Vinitha Ramchandani dropped in with her kids for a test drive

It's compact. It's the first thing that strikes you when you enter Snow Rush, at Smaash in Lower Parel. The space resembles a large, empty deep freezer. You are already zipped up in a snow jacket with hoodie, boots and gloves. It's waiting time, and you are in the anteroom. The attendant informs that two minutes are needed before stepping into Snow Rush. The kids are excited.

Kids enjoying the carousel at Snow Rush
Kids enjoying the carousel at Snow Rush

A minute later we're ushered in. My kids are in their summer wear; one is wearing shorts. The blast of cold is inviting, and the space is lit with lights that change colour. Snow Rush is two large rooms, painted white and is laced with crushed snow on the floor. There are penguin props and a make-belief igloo as well as a staircase lined with rubber mats that lead you to different slides. There are lined tyres that you need to take up with you to slide down, toboggans and flat spade-like objects that you can sit on or use to shovel up snow. An ice blower is activated at certain intervals so you get the sense of an actual snowfall. If you are done with the three different slides, you can hop on to the merry-go-round for a spin. For toddlers, there's a carousel that takes your babies in lined tyre-shaped sitters gently around. The boots are a bit stiff. But it does not stop a family who has entered after us from playing snow football and having a good time.

A little girl enjoys a snow slide ride
A little girl enjoys a snow slide ride

Snow Rush uses international technology to create snow. Here, snowflakes are made by crushing fresh slabs of ice that are set at a particular temperature. Each time you are in Snow Rush, you can be sure that the ice you are stepping on is not the same from your earlier visit. Machines ensure the temperature stays at an optimal -4 degrees (Celsius) and it also sends in blasts of fresh air. It's a tad noisy but after a while, it grows on you. The first room has a mezzanine floor with a bar for adults. Shots are conjured up, and you can down a few and feel toasty enough to head back to play more. One of my kids, who is wearing shorts has snow down his boots. The shoes are replaced but its -4 degrees, and my face is freezing. It's not even 20 minutes, and I want to leave.

What we liked: The compact space. Kids can play and it's easy for parents to keep an eye on them. The space has been used well with the props and the snow is clean. We liked that the staff was helpful and friendly and that the snowsuit was clean. We were told that the costumes are cleaned every day. Each of us was offered an absolutely clean pair of socks.
What we didn't like: There should have been spare leg woolies for people dressed lightly or those in shorts or those with inappropriate clothes should be warned that snow could enter into boots
Overall experience: The 20 minutes that you pay for is perfect. Not too long and just enough to have fun. The kids didn't want to leave.
Rs 300 (20 minutes: Monday to Friday)
Rs 400 (20 minutes: Saturday, Sunday and public holidays)
Rs 400 (30 minutes: Monday to Friday)
Rs 500 (30 minutes: Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays)
Time: 12.30 pm to 10 pm (Monday to Friday), 11 am to 10 pm (weekends and public holidays)
At: Smaaash, Gate 4, Kamala Mills Compound, Lower Parel.

Battle of the snow parks: Who wins?

There are three snow-themed spaces in Mumbai now - Snow Park at Imagica; Snow World in Marketcity Kurla and Snow Rush. Between the two within the city I would vote for Snow Rush.

Snow World, Kurla, was larger, took in many more people and because it accommodated more — when I went in with four kids there were times I panicked. Did you know everyone seems to look the same when the lighting is low and the costume is the same?

The snow gear, especially the boots were sodden inside and reeked on receipt. Because it was so, we felt cold very quickly. I remember a serpentine queue to enter Snow World, and because there is a limited number that could be accommodated once you enter and pay, you are given your time slot and you need to reach Snow World again at that time slot.

There were moments when it felt like were workers in a factory. We had an hour and a half to wait and we killed it at Pheonix Mills, Kurla easily (pocket lighter in no time) and then returned in great anticipation. Only to be herded in to pick snow gear at different counters. It happens in droves and there is only so much staff to help you. If you are with younger kids it’s not easy.

Final verdict: Snow Rush is smaller and is — for the moment, at least — the cleanest. As a parent, that'Snow-themed space to have fun time with kids in Lower Parels what matters, and wins my vote.

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