Is Winnie the Pooh a hermaphrodite?

Nov 23, 2014, 08:42 IST | Agencies

Polish town in Warsaw is opposed to naming a playground after Winnie the Pooh as they feel the  character lacks a clear gender

Warsaw: Officials in a Polish town have opposed a proposition to name a playground after Winnie the Pooh due to the bear’s unclear gender and immodest clothing.

The matter was debated in a closed-door meeting weeks ago in the central Polish town of Tuszyn, but didn’t get much media attention in Poland until recently.

Voice recordings of the meeting were leaked to the media in which officials complained that Pooh Bear is immodestly dressed and also lacks a clear gender.

A member even called the bear a “hermaphrodite”.

Some said a fully-clothed Polish cartoon bear named Uszatek would be a better choice. One of the protestors, Ryszard Cichy, told a newspaper that he joked at the end of a discussion on a playground that had gone on too long.

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