Is your home rain ready?

Jun 19, 2012, 15:52 IST | By A Correspondent

You may have already bought an umbrella or a raincoat with waterproof shoes and bags to protect yourself in the monsoons. But, have you prepared your home for the rain god's fury? If not, here are some tips to safeguard your home this monsoon

Electrical fittings

Electrical fittings

The most important thing to check before the monsoons is your electrical fittings. Repair or replace the damaged electrical cords immediately. Ask your electrician to check all the wiring in the house. Also, if you have a seepage problem, pay special attention to the fittings in that room.


Leaking wall

Seepage is one of the most commonly faced problems. Leaks may take place through cracks on the top and sides of the walls leading to the entry of water into the building. Improper sealing of the rainwater pipes also leads to water leaks in the walls. So if you notice any cracks in your walls, fill them with a waterproof external wall coating of the desired colour, like Clearseal or quite simply with Plaster of Paris.

Carpets and rugs


Roll away the expensive carpets. Wrap them in plastic sheets tightly to reduce the chances of them absorbing moisture. If you have to use carpets or rugs, then make use of washable and moisture-resistant acrylic carpets for the monsoon.

Bring out the ropes and make sure that your washing machine is working fine. As clothes take a lot of time to dry during the monsoon, tie up ropes inside the house in a room, which is frequently used so that the fan can do the drying job.

Every time we enter our house we have this habit of wiping our feet off the doormats. This is especially true in the rainy season when dirt, filth and what not get stuck to our feet. And so, doormats should be high on your monsoon preparation list.

Cupboards and cabinets
Because they are closed most of the time, cupboards and cabinets develop a certain amount of dampness, which is then passed on to your clothes. Put camphor in your cupboards. It keeps away the moisture and saves your clothes from getting damp.

Wood furniture


During the monsoon, the bathroom doors or the doors of cabinets and rooms swell up due to the moisture. They get stuck and it is quite a task to shut them close. Call a carpenter and get these doors scraped from the side as it will reduce their width and make them easier to shut.

Monsoon heralds the breeding season of mosquitoes and insects. Install nets at windows and doors to keep the insects out and keep your family disease free. 

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