ISIS man Areeb Majeed tells his father he wants to finish his degree

Jan 01, 2015, 06:43 IST | Sailee Dhayalkar

Areeb Majeed was allowed to meet his father and grandparents inside MCOCA court for 15 minutes; the suspected ISIS member’s lawyer asked the court to end his solitary confinement

Suspected ISIS member, 23-year-old Areeb Majeed was presented before a special MCOCA court at Arthur Road on Wednesday, and has been remanded in judicial custody till January 14.

During the hearing, Areeb’s lawyer, Wahab Khan submitted two applications to the court on his behalf. The first application said that Areeb should be removed from solitary confinement.

According to the application filed in court, pre-trial conviction was being imposed upon the accused by way of solitary confinement without any authority of law by the prison authority.

Advocate Khan said, “He has been kept in a room alone, and nobody talks to him. We want him to be treated like any other accused, and he should be allowed to stay with others.” The Jail Superintendent has been asked to present their side on January 14.

The second application asked the judge to allow Areeb to meet his parents and grandparents. Special MCOCA Judge A L Pansare allowed it, saying that he can talk to them for 10-15 minutes inside the court, but both parties should be audible to the escort officers and should speak in Hindi.

Speaking to mid-day, Areeb’s uncle said, “Areeb told his father that he wants to study and complete his engineering degree.” Around 15 members of the accused’s family were outside Arthur Road court to meet him, including his parents, grandparents, brothers, uncle and younger cousins.

One of his uncles said, “We have come to see Areeb and hope to get a chance to do so, as we only get the opportunity once a week.” He added, “I don’t think he (Areeb) should be put through so much difficulty as he came back himself because he felt he was deceived.

The letter which is said to be written by Areeb before the four left, was actually written by Fahad Sheikh (another ISIS suspect).” Except for Areeb’s father and grandparents, no other family member was allowed inside the court.

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