Issac to succeed Pawar as ICC chief

Jun 24, 2012, 10:44 IST | IANS

New Zealand's Alan Isaac will succeed India's Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar as the eighth International Cricket Council (ICC) president during the council's annual conference beginning here today.

The ICC annual conference week begins with the Chief Executives’ Committee (CEC) meeting at the Shangri-La Hotel here and ends on Thursday with Isaac taking over as president from Sharad Pawar, who completes his two-year term at the end of the week.

Alan Isaac

Sharad Pawar

The ICC Council, at its meeting on Thursday, will be asked to approve amendments to the ICC Articles which will create the post of chairman from June 2014 with the president’s role being ambassadorial from there on. The council will also be required to confirm the appointment of David Richardson as successor to Haroon Lorgat as the ICC Chief Executive

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