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Mar 05, 2013, 01:26 IST | Kartiki Nitin Lawate

To mark International Women's Day, catch a selection of six short films that are directed by or revolve around women's issues

Shamiana Short Films is celebrating International Woman’sDay by screening women-centric short films. Organised by Cyrus Dastur, founder of Shamiana Short Films, the event will screen films that have either been directed by women directors or showcase the stories revolving around women.

A still from Taal Tadka

A still from Control Alt Delete

Dastur says that among the line-up of films that will be screened, his personal favourite is Baiano, a film based on two male friends, which has been directed by Elisabeth Bernardini. “I am confident that men as well as women will enjoy these films,” adds Dastur.

A still from BAIANO

Vivek Jyoti Gupta director of the short film Control Alt Delete, which will be screened, said that it was fun making a women-centric film. “Sadly, short films are given less importance in India. I got the idea of making this movie thanks to actress Kitu Gidwani; it was a pleasure working with her and we both like international cinema.

A still from Kinematograph

It was a challenge getting the production support while making the short film. I raised money from friends to make the movie. I also feel that some entertaining short films must be made as most of the short films are on serious topics,” he states.

Movie line-up
BAIANO (Italy)

This Italian movie tells a tale of two friends. Directed by an Italian woman director, this is one of Europe’s finest short films in the last 10 years.
Director: Elisabeth Bernardini
Duration: 13 minutes

Kimi Sehgal, a middle-aged upper class woman is going through a crisis as the share market, her only means of earning, has crashed to an extent that her survival is challenged. She comes across a game on a social website, titled Control Alt Delete. The game promises to change her life. Her life starts changing for real until a virus attacks the game and threatens to take everything away.
Director: Vivek Jyoti Gupta
Duration: 20 minutes

A movie which tries to decipher the enigma that is women.
Duration: 4 minutes

What goes around comes around is the message behind this short film.
Director: Orly Wahba
Duration: 6 minutes

A 19th-century inventor is close to perfecting motion pictures but doesn’t want to reveal his invention to the public until he can show films with sound and colour.
Director: Tomasz Baginski
Duration: 12 minutes

A fun, snappy student music video by students of Symbiosis College.
Director: Vanshaj Kapur
Duration: 4 minutes 

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