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Jan 16, 2013, 01:01 IST | Anjana Vaswani

With several dining options to choose from at Spoon, the food court at Nariman Point's CR2, and as many near the mall, why would anyone give Salsa Wraps, a go? Your guess is as good as ours

The salesmen spoke a variant of English, which was fine — we managed to communicate, so the language’s purpose was served. That we didn’t really have much to say is a matter we hope the management takes up though, for the menu was miniscule with one beverage to offer in a take-it-or-leave-it combo-deal.

Nachos was served with an off-white cheese sause and unappealing toppings

We took it, and so for R60 we got a can of a fizzy drink and a portion of Nachos on which were drizzled a dark, unappealing topping and off-white cheese sauce. It tasted better than it looked, to be fair. The bean preparation was nicely flavoured and the sauce wasn’t at all bad. We would have preferred it warmer.

Our meal came with a free puzzle. From our seat at a purple table feet ahead of the booth, we couldn’t tell if the servers were discussing our order, or trying to attract our attention, or attempting a kind of friendly gesture. The mystery unravelled, soon: there wasn’t enough cash on the payment card we leased (for a refundable deposit of R15 at the entrance — it’s the drill here). We were five rupees short.

This was confusing because we had done the math. It turns out when the server asked us to choose between the white-flour tortilla and the whole-wheat tortilla (for our Mushroom Burrito: R120) he neglected to mention that the latter would meant an extra charge of R10. It was a minor hiccup, and the gentleman who brought it to our attention accepted the difference in cash and did the needful.

Interiors of Salsa Wraps at Nariman Point

When the food arrived, what we, at first glance, had mistaken for a complimentary side order of salad, turned out to be our order of Chicken
Tacos (Rs 100). One was at a loss to understand whether the droplets of ketchup that dotted the dish were a garnish or meant to provide flavours because neither goal was achieved.

Overstuffed with lettuce and icy cheese and with its lukewarm chicken filling cooled by the salsa drizzled over it, this was yet another chilled dish. The Mushroom Burrito, similarly, was not altogether bad; if a vegetarian hasn’t eaten for days, she or he may enjoy this — but it too was cold. Besides, it had a drippy minced mushroom filling with no guacamole, rice or vegetables that the menu promised.

Some of that refrigerated shredded lettuce was thrown in. Overall, the food wasn’t indigestible, the menu with 14 dishes was limited if you leave out the nachos, and we’re not really sure what the difference is — aside from the R10 price differential — between a Chicken / Shrimp Burrito and a Chicken / Shrimp Burrito in a bowl. The Make-Your-Own Meal option will get the kids’ votes while their lunch combos might draw in customers, but we aren’t sure if it’s enough to draw diners in a neighbourhood where the culinary choices abound.

Eating out
Salsa wraps

Food: average
Service: confused
Ambience: NA

At Spoon, CR2, Nariman Point; Call 9223184850
Salsa Wraps didn't know we were there. The Guide reviews anonymously and pays for meals. 

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