It's great to be back with 'Men In Black 3', says Will Smith

May 18, 2012, 07:19 IST | ANI

Will Smith has admitted to feeling great on returning to the silver screen after a hiatus of four years.

The actor was talking at the London premiere of ‘Men In Black 3’ in Leicester Square, which was packed with hundreds of fans along with Jay Z and the other stars of the film.

Will Smith. Pic/Santa Banta

Smith said that the reason he had taken so long to make this sequel was because he wanted to make it work. “We wanted to make sure we got it right,” Sky News quoted him as saying.

“We were slightly disappointed with the second one and wanted this one to be deserved of the trilogy,” he said. He also confessed that he’d taken time out to be a husband and a father to daughter Willow and son Jaden - both stars in their own right - but insisted that being back at his own premiere was great.

“It’s been four years since I’ve done any acting at all, I’ve been producing, but this is why I make movies - a big premiere like this, that’s why I do it,” he added.

‘Men In Black 3’ also stars Emma Thompson as Agent O and Nicole Scherzinger, who portrays the character of Lilly Poison.

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