It is by choice that I have taken up lesser films: Yaami Gautam

Sep 02, 2013, 09:08 IST | Shameem Khan

The success of Yaami Gautam's debut film, Vicky Donor has strengthened her resolve to do good films. "I have my priorities right. I want to be part of good films," says the young actress

CS talks to Yaami about food, films and settling in Mumbai.

Yaami Gautam

Comfort food
I grew up in a guarded, close-knit family in Chandigarh. Most of my growing-up years were spent with my friends chilling and gossiping over coffee and croissants at coffee shops. Even if I was not an actress, I would be found lounging there because it is out of habit than anything else.

Cooking up a storm
I love to eat and cook. I can cook a variety of North Indian dishes especially kadhai chicken and yummy halwas. I can also make a quick pasta and pizza. Cooking makes me feel happy and relaxed. I wish I had some free time to learn new dishes from my mother, who’s an amazing cook.

Screen absence
It is by choice that I have taken up lesser films. I am making a conscious effort to do different roles. If I wanted to, I would have signed the many films, which were offered to me post Vicky Donor but I chose not to. It is intentional to do films where I don't repeat myself. Both my films --Prabhudheva's next, and a film co-starring Ali Zafar will have me essaying different roles. Working with both of them was a great learning experience as well as fun.

Outsider in Bollywood
As actors, everyone is given the same platform, and have similar challenges to face. We all have to work hard without coming up with any excuses. I have no insecurity about not having a Bollywood background. One can’t run away from image management, branding or PR as they’re all part of this profession. I might attend events and promotions but I cannot forget that this is all due to the film that I did. My focus is to choose good films and do them. How much of it is possible only time will tell. Did I not do a Vicky Donor without being the so-called ‘insider’ of Bollywood? With time, I feel these terms have been diffused. We are seeing so many people from non-film background entering Bollywood.

Small town upbringing
It is difficult to be on your own in this big city and operate single-handedly in the industry. My family is back home in Chandigarh and I am pretty attached to them. I have been brought up on middle class values and a basic understanding to not worry about things that may or may not happen in future. As a mother, my mom keeps worrying about me especially because I am an introvert and don't socialise much either. I like to read books or watch films in my free time.  

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